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objectssubst. framstilling [u]
  personsubst. representasjon [u]
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1. representation - a creation that is a visual or tangible rendering of someone or something
  creation (theology) God's act of bringing the universe into existence
  adumbration a sketchy or imperfect or faint representation
  audiogram a graphical representation of a person's auditory sensitivity to sound
  copy a thing made to be similar or identical to another thing; "she made a copy of the designer dress"; "the clone was a copy of its ancestor"
  cosmography a representation of the earth or the heavens; "the cosmography of Ptolemy"
  creche a hospital where foundlings (infant children of unknown parents) are taken in and cared for
  cutaway drawing, cutaway model, cutaway a man's coat cut diagonally from the waist to the back of the knees
  display, presentation something shown to the public; "the museum had many exhibits of oriental art"
  document anything serving as a representation of a person's thinking by means of symbolic marks
  drawing act of getting or draining something such as electricity or a liquid from a source; "the drawing of water from the well"
  ecce homo a representation (a picture or sculpture) of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns
  effigy, simulacrum, image a representation of a person (especially in the form of sculpture); "the coin bears an effigy of Lincoln"; "the emperor's tomb had his image carved in stone"
  illustration a visual representation (a picture or diagram) that is used make some subject more pleasing or easier to understand
  map a diagrammatic representation of the earth's surface (or part of it)
  simulation, model the act of imitating the behavior of some situation or some process by means of something suitably analogous (especially for the purpose of study or personnel training)
  nomogram, nomograph a graphic representation of numerical relations
  objectification the act of representing an abstraction as a physical thing
  photo, photograph, pic, exposure, picture a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material
  ikon, icon, image, picture a conventional religious painting in oil on a small wooden panel; venerated in the Eastern Church
  pieta a representation of the Virgin Mary mourning over the dead body of Jesus
  projection any structure that branches out from a central support
  rubbing representation consisting of a copy (as of an engraving) made by laying paper over something and rubbing it with charcoal
  shade protective covering that protects something from direct sunlight; "they used umbrellas as shades"; "as the sun moved he readjusted the shade"
  stage set, set representation consisting of the scenery and other properties used to identify the location of a dramatic production; "the sets were meticulously authentic"
  station of the cross a representation of any of the 14 stages in Christ's journey to Calvary
2. representation - a presentation to the mind in the form of an idea or image
  cognitive content, mental object, content the sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered, or learned
  overlap, convergence, intersection the property of partial coincidence in time
  instantiation a representation of an idea in the form of an instance of it; "how many instantiations were found?"
  antitype an opposite or contrasting type
  stereotype a conventional or formulaic conception or image; "regional stereotypes have been part of America since its founding"
  schema, scheme an internal representation of the world; an organization of concepts and actions that can be revised by new information about the world
  mental image, image the general impression that something (a person or organization or product) presents to the public; "although her popular image was contrived it served to inspire music and pageantry"; "the company tried to project an altruistic image"
  interpretation, version, reading an explanation of something that is not immediately obvious; "the edict was subject to many interpretations"; "he annoyed us with his interpreting of parables"; "often imitations are extended to provide a more accurate rendition of the child's intended meaning"
  phantasmagoria a constantly changing medley of real or imagined images (as in a dream)
  psychosexuality the mental representation of sexual activities
  percept, perceptual experience, perception the representation of what is perceived; basic component in the formation of a concept
  memory an electronic memory device; "a memory and the CPU form the central part of a computer to which peripherals are attached"
  example, model an item of information that is typical of a class or group; "this patient provides a typical example of the syndrome"; "there is an example on page 10"
  appearance the act of appearing in public view; "the rookie made a brief appearance in the first period"; "it was Bernhardt's last appearance in America"
  blur, fuzz a hazy or indistinct representation; "it happened so fast it was just a blur"; "he tried to clear his head of the whisky fuzz"
  unrealism, abstractionism an abstract genre of art; artistic content depends on internal form rather than pictorial representation
  concrete representation, concretism a representation of an abstract idea in concrete terms
3. representation - an activity that stands as an equivalent of something or results in an equivalent
  activity any specific behavior; "they avoided all recreational activity"
  modelling, modeling, model a preliminary sculpture in wax or clay from which a finished work can be copied
  dramatisation, dramatization a dramatic representation
  pageant, pageantry an elaborate representation of scenes from history etc; usually involves a parade with rich costumes
  figuration decorating with a design
  diagramming, schematisation, schematization the act of reducing to a scheme or formula
  pictorial representation, picturing visual representation as by photography or painting
  typification the act of representing by a type or symbol; the action of typifying
4. representation - the state of serving as an official and authorized delegate or agent
  delegacy, agency
  state the way something is with respect to its main attributes; "the current state of knowledge"; "his state of health"; "in a weak financial state"
  free agency (sports) the state of a professional athlete who is free to negotiate a contract to play for any team
  legal representation personal representation that has legal status; "an person who has been declared incompetent should have legal representation"
  virus (virology) ultramicroscopic infectious agent that replicates itself only within cells of living hosts; many are pathogenic; a piece of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) wrapped in a thin coat of protein
5. representation - the act of representing; standing in for someone or some group and speaking with authority in their behalf
  cooperation the practice of cooperating; "economic cooperation"; "they agreed on a policy of cooperation"
  proportional representation representation of all parties in proportion to their popular vote
6. representation - a statement of facts and reasons made in appealing or protesting; "certain representations were made concerning police brutality"
  statement a document showing credits and debits
7. representation - a body of legislators that serve in behalf of some constituency; "a Congressional vacancy occurred in the representation from California"
  body the external structure of a vehicle; "the body of the car was badly rusted"
8. representation - the right of being represented by delegates who have a voice in some legislative body
  right a turn toward the side of the body that is on the south when the person is facing east; "take a right at the corner"
9. representation - a factual statement made by one party in order to induce another party to enter into a contract; "the sales contract contains several representations by the vendor"
  statement a document showing credits and debits
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