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wall på spansk

generalsubst. pared [f]
  exteriorsubst. muro [m]
  roomsubst. pared [f]
  propertyverb cercar con un muro
Synonymer for wall
Avledede ord av wall
cavity wall, defensive wall, dividing wall, high wall, sea wall, seawall, side wall, stonewall, swallow, swallow the wrong way, swallow-tailed coat, wall painting, Wall Street, wallaby, wallet, wallflower, Walloon, wallop, wallow, wallpaper, city wall, foundation wall, partition wall, swallow up, swallowtail, wallcovering, walled, walloping, abdominal wall, albrecht eusebius wenzel von wallenstein, alfred russel wallace, american wall fern, antheropeas wallacei, antonine wall, aspinwall, bank swallow, barn swallow, baron hugh caswall tremenheere dowding, bearing wall, blackwall hitch
blue wall, blue wall of silence, blue walleye, browallia, cell wall, charles cornwallis, chimney swallow, chinese wall, chuckwalla, cliff swallow, codswallop, common wallaby, cornwall, cornwallis, dock-walloper, dry-stone wall, dry wall, dry walling, drywall, edgar wallace, eriophyllum wallacei, fairy swallow, fats waller, fire-swallower, firewall, first marquess cornwallis, footwall, gable wall, genus browallia, great wall, great wall of china, hadrian's wall, hanging wall, hare wallaby, harvey wallbanger, hole-in-the-wall, litocranius walleri, nail-tailed wallaby, off-the-wall, party wall, pellitory-of-the-wall, proscenium wall, retaining wall, richard horatio edgar wallace, rock wallaby, sea swallow, siberian wall flower, sidewall, sir william wallace, stone wall, stonewall jackson, stonewaller, stonewalling, swallow-tailed, swallow-tailed hawk, swallow-tailed kite, swallow dive, swallow hole, swallow shrike, swallow wort, swallowed, swallowwort, thomas wright waller, tree swallow, tree wallaby, wailing wall, wall-paperer, wall barley, wall clock, wall creeper, wall fern, wall germander, wall hanging, wall in, wall of silence, wall panel, wall pellitory, wall pepper, wall plate, wall plug, wall rock, wall rocket, wall rue, wall rue spleenwort, wall socket, wall st., wall tent, wall unit, wall up, walla walla, wallace, wallace carothers, wallace hume carothers, wallace stevens, wallah, wallboard, wallenstein, waller, walleye, walleyed, walleyed pike, wallis warfield simpson, wallis warfield windsor, walloper, wallpaperer, wally, western wall flower, white-bellied swallow, wood swallow
Eksempler med oversettelse
The car crashed into the wall.
The posters were immediately removed from the wall.
Place the ladder against the wall.
There are some flies on the wall.
The wall is partly covered with ivy.
Don't lean against the wall.
There were scribbles all along the wall.
The wall wasn't high enough to keep dogs out.
The portrait was taken from the wall.
The house had a stone wall around it.
The nail went through the wall.
The color of the carpet is in harmony with the wall.
This wall feels very cold.
Don't lean against this wall.
Ken jumped over the wall.
Look at the picture on the wall.
What should we do with this white elephant your aunt gave us? It's way too ugly to go on the wall.
You may be able to read the handwriting on the wall, but it is Greek to me.
I helped her hang the picture on the wall.
I hung a picture on the wall.
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Definisjoner av wall
1. wall - an architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure; "the south wall had a small window"; "the walls were covered with pictures"
  divider, partition a drafting instrument resembling a compass that is used for dividing lines into equal segments or for transferring measurements
  edifice, building a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place; "there was a three-story building on the corner"; "it was an imposing edifice"
  room an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"
  hallway, hall an interior passage or corridor onto which rooms open; "the elevators were at the end of the hall"
  archway, arch (architecture) a masonry construction (usually curved) for spanning an opening and supporting the weight above it
  attic (architecture) a low wall at the top of the entablature; hides the roof
  bearing wall any wall supporting a floor or the roof of a building
  coping stone, capstone, copestone, stretcher a stone that forms the top of wall or building
  cavity wall a wall formed of two thicknesses of masonry with a space between them
  chimney breast walls that project out from the wall of a room and surround the chimney base
  row, course a continuous chronological succession without an interruption; "they won the championship three years in a row"
  doorway, room access, door, threshold the entrance (the space in a wall) through which you enter or leave a room or building; the space that a door can close; "he stuck his head in the doorway"
  firewall (colloquial) the application of maximum thrust; "he moved the throttle to the firewall"
  gable end, gable wall, gable the vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends of gable roof
  coping, cope, header a long cloak; worn by a priest or bishop on ceremonial occasions
  paneling, panelling, pane a panel or section of panels in a wall or door
  parapet fortification consisting of a low wall
  pier a platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by piles; provides access to ships and boats
  proscenium wall, proscenium the wall that separates the stage from the auditorium in a modern theater
  sidewall a wall that forms the side of a structure
  wainscot, dado wooden panels that can be used to line the walls of a room
  wainscoting, wainscotting a wainscoted wall (or wainscoted walls collectively)
  wall panel paneling that forms part of a wall
2. wall - a masonry fence (as around an estate or garden); "the wall followed the road"; "he ducked behind the garden wall and waited"
  fence, fencing a barrier that serves to enclose an area
  party wall a wall erected on the line between two properties and shared by both owners
  retaining wall a wall that is built to resist lateral pressure (especially a wall built to prevent the advance of a mass of earth)
3. wall - (anatomy) a layer (a lining or membrane) that encloses a structure; "stomach walls"
  stratum one of several parallel layers of material arranged one on top of another (such as a layer of tissue or cells in an organism or a layer of sedimentary rock)
  general anatomy, anatomy a detailed analysis; "he studied the anatomy of crimes"
  abdominal wall a wall of the abdomen
4. wall - anything that suggests a wall in structure or function or effect; "a wall of water"; "a wall of smoke"; "a wall of prejudice"; "negotiations ran into a brick wall"
  physical object, object a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow; "it was full of rackets, balls and other objects"
  footwall the lower wall of an inclined fault
  hanging wall the upper wall of an inclined fault
5. wall - a vertical (or almost vertical) smooth rock face (as of a cave or mountain)
  geological formation, formation (geology) the geological features of the earth
  cave a geological formation consisting of an underground enclosure with access from the surface of the ground or from the sea
6. wall - a layer of material that encloses space; "the walls of the cylinder were perforated"; "the container's walls were blue"
  layer, bed thin structure composed of a single thickness of cells
7. wall - a difficult or awkward situation; "his back was to the wall"; "competition was pushing them to the wall"
  difficulty the quality of being difficult; "they agreed about the difficulty of the climb"
1. wall - surround with a wall in order to fortify
  palisade, fence, surround
  protect shield from danger, injury, destruction, or damage; "Weatherbeater protects your roof from the rain"
  wall in, wall up enclose with a wall
  wall in, wall up enclose with a wall
  stockade surround with a stockade in order to fortify
  circumvallate surround with or as if with a rampart or other fortification
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