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beginning på svensk

commencingadjektiv inledande, ursprunglig
  generalsubst. början [invariable], start [u]
  eventsubst. inledning [u], början [u]
  originsubst. början [invariable], begynnelse [u], källa [u], ursprung [n]
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I am beginning to like Ken little by little.
I am beginning to remember it.
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth.
I'm beginning to lose my patience.
I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
This is the beginning of a new era.
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Definisjoner av beginning
1. beginning - the act of starting something; "he was responsible for the beginning of negotiations"
  start, commencement
  finishing, finish the act of finishing; "his best finish in a major tournament was third"; "the speaker's finishing was greeted with applause"
  change of state the act of changing something into something different in essential characteristics
  jumping-off point, point of departure, springboard a beginning from which an enterprise is launched; "he uses other people's ideas as a springboard for his own"; "reality provides the jumping-off point for his illusions"; "the point of departure of international comparison cannot be an institution but must be the function it carries out"
  activation making active and effective (as a bomb)
  tone-beginning, attack a decisive manner of beginning a musical tone or phrase
  constitution, establishment, formation, organisation, organization the act of forming or establishing something; "the constitution of a PTA group last year"; "it was the establishment of his reputation"; "he still remembers the organization of the club"
  first appearance, debut, unveiling, launching, entry, introduction the presentation of a debutante in society
  face-off (ice hockey) the method of starting play; a referee drops the puck between two opposing players
  first step, opening move, initiative, opening the first of a series of actions
  groundbreaking, groundbreaking ceremony the ceremonial breaking of the ground to formally begin a construction project
  housing start the act of starting to construct a house
  icebreaker a beginning that relaxes a tense or formal atmosphere; "he told jokes as an icebreaker"
  inauguration, startup the act of starting a new operation or practice; "he opposed the inauguration of fluoridation"; "the startup of the new factory was delayed by strikes"
  founding, instauration, origination, innovation, initiation, institution, creation, foundation, introduction the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new; "she looked forward to her initiation as an adult"; "the foundation of a new scientific society"
  installing, installation, instalment, installment the act of installing something (as equipment); "the telephone installation took only a few minutes"
  jump ball (basketball) the way play begins or resumes when possession is disputed; an official tosses the ball up between two players who jump in an effort to tap it to a teammate
  kickoff (football) a kick from the center of the field to start a football game or to resume it after a score
  recommencement, resumption beginning again
  scrum, scrummage (rugby) the method of beginning play in which the forwards of each team crouch side by side with locked arms; play starts when the ball is thrown in between them and the two sides compete for possession
  startup the act of setting in operation; "repeated shutdowns and startups are expensive"
2. beginning - the place where something begins, where it springs into being; "the Italian beginning of the Renaissance"; "Jupiter was the origin of the radiation"; "Pittsburgh is the source of the Ohio River"; "communism's Russian root"
  origin, root, rootage, source
  point sharp end; "he stuck the point of the knife into a tree"; "he broke the point of his pencil"
  derivation the act of deriving something or obtaining something from a source or origin
  spring a metal elastic device that returns to its shape or position when pushed or pulled or pressed; "the spring was broken"
  headspring, fountainhead, head the source of water from which a stream arises; "they tracked him back toward the head of the stream"
  headwater the source of a river; "the headwaters of the Nile"
  wellhead, wellspring a structure built over a well
  jumping-off place, point of departure a place from which an enterprise or expedition is launched; "one day when I was at a suitable jumping-off place I decided to see if I could find him"; "my point of departure was San Francisco"
  place of origin, provenance, provenience, birthplace, cradle the place where someone was born
  home an institution where people are cared for; "a home for the elderly"
  point source a concentrated source (especially of radiation or pollution) that is spatially constricted
  trail head, trailhead the beginning of a trail
3. beginning - the time at which something is supposed to begin; "they got an early start"; "she knew from the get-go that he was the man for her"
  commencement, first, outset, start, kickoff, showtime, offset
  middle the middle area of the human torso (usually in front); "young American women believe that a bare midriff is fashionable"
  ending, end the end of a word (a suffix or inflectional ending or final morpheme); "I don't like words that have -ism as an ending"
  point in time, point sharp end; "he stuck the point of the knife into a tree"; "he broke the point of his pencil"
  birth the event of being born; "they celebrated the birth of their first child"
  incipience, incipiency beginning to exist or to be apparent; "he placed the incipience of democratic faith at around 1850"; "it is designed to arrest monopolies in their incipiency"
  starting point, terminus a quo earliest limiting point
  threshold the smallest detectable sensation
4. beginning - the event consisting of the start of something; "the beginning of the war"
  ending, conclusion, finish the end of a word (a suffix or inflectional ending or final morpheme); "I don't like words that have -ism as an ending"
  happening, natural event, occurrent, occurrence an event that happens
  casus belli an event used to justify starting a war
  egress, emergence, issue the act of coming (or going) out; becoming apparent
  inception, origination, origin properties attributable to your ancestry; "he comes from good origins"
  genesis, generation the first book of the Old Testament: tells of Creation; Adam and Eve; the Fall of Man; Cain and Abel; Noah and the flood; God's covenant with Abraham; Abraham and Isaac; Jacob and Esau; Joseph and his brothers
  ground floor the floor of a building that is at or nearest to the level of the ground around the building
  outgrowth, emergence, growth a natural consequence of development
  start a turn to be a starter (in a game at the beginning); "he got his start because one of the regular pitchers was in the hospital"; "his starting meant that the coach thought he was one of their best linemen"
  conception, creation the act of becoming pregnant; fertilization of an ovum by a spermatozoon
5. beginning - the first part or section of something; "`It was a dark and stormy night' is a hackneyed beginning for a story"
  middle the middle area of the human torso (usually in front); "young American women believe that a bare midriff is fashionable"
  end (American football) a position on the line of scrimmage; "no one wanted to play end"
  division, part, section the act or process of dividing
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