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anatomysubst. ryggrad [u], kotpelare [u], spina [u]
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adding machine, answering machine, Chinese, cochineal, duplicating machine, fax machine, kidney machine, machine, machine code, machine gun, machinery, pinball machine, sanding machine, sewing machine, slot machine, submachine gun, threshing machine, touchiness, vending machine, washing machine, folding machine, fruit machine, gambling machine, snack machine, actinidia chinensis, addressing machine, archine, astilbe chinensis pumila, automated teller machine, automatic teller machine, balanchine, bathing machine, begonia cocchinea, belamcanda chinensis, bitchiness, brassica rapa chinensis, breathing machine, browning machine gun, by machine, calculating machine
callistephus chinensis, cash machine, central intelligence machinery, chinese-red, chinese alligator, chinese angelica, chinese angelica tree, chinese anise, chinese black mushroom, chinese brown sauce, chinese cabbage, chinese celery, chinese checkers, chinese chequers, chinese chestnut, chinese chive, chinese cinnamon, chinese cork oak, chinese date, chinese deity, chinese elm, chinese evergreen, chinese forget-me-not, chinese fried rice, chinese goose, chinese gooseberry, chinese hibiscus, chinese holly, chinese jujube, chinese lacquer tree, chinese lantern, chinese lantern plant, chinese magnolia, chinese monetary unit, chinese mushroom, chinese mustard, chinese paddlefish, chinese parasol, chinese parasol tree, chinese parsley, chinese pea tree, chinese primrose, chinese privet, chinese puzzle, chinese restaurant syndrome, chinese revolution, chinese rhubarb, chinese scholar tree, chinese scholartree, chinese shan, chinese silk plant, chinese wall, chinese water chestnut, chinese white cabbage, chinese wistaria, chinese wood oil, chinese yam, cochineal insect, coin machine, colchine, computing machine, crepe de chine, dialysis machine, dianthus chinensis, dianthus chinensis heddewigii, diathermy machine, dishwashing machine, electrostatic machine, facsimile machine, farm machine, franking machine, george balanchine, ground-effect machine, heart-lung machine, ice machine, indochinese peninsula, infernal machine, itchiness, knitting machine, light machine gun, linotype machine, litchi chinensis, lithograph machine, machine-accessible, machine-controlled, machine-displayable text, machine-driven, machine-made, machine-oriented language, machine-readable text, machine-wash, machine bolt, machine gunner, machine language, machine operation, machine pistol, machine politician, machine readable, machine readable dictionary, machine rifle, machine screw, machine shop, machine stitch, machine tool, machine translation, machine wash, machinelike, magnetoelectric machine, mandarin chinese, microwave diathermy machine, military machine, milking machine, milling machine, milling machinery, mimeograph machine, mincing machine, pari-mutuel machine, patchiness, paunchiness, paving machine, perpetual motion machine, photostat machine, planing machine, political machine, printing machine, purple chinese houses, recording machine, riveting machine, rosa chinensis, sawing machine, scratchiness, sewing-machine operator, sewing-machine stitch, shaping machine, shortwave diathermy machine, simple machine, sketchiness, spinning machine, stamping machine, stapling machine, stretchiness, tape machine, teletype machine, telex machine, tetchiness, textile machine, thompson submachine gun, time machine, trichinella spiralis, turing machine, typesetting machine, von neumann machine, voting machine, war machine, weighing machine, wimshurst machine, wisteria chinensis, x-ray machine, xerox machine
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Definisjoner av chine
1. chine - backbone of an animal
  spinal column, vertebral column, rachis, backbone, spine, back the series of vertebrae forming the axis of the skeleton and protecting the spinal cord; "the fall broke his back"
2. chine - cut of meat or fish including at least part of the backbone
  cut of meat, cut an unexcused absence from class; "he was punished for taking too many cuts in his math class"
1. chine - cut through the backbone of an animal
  butcher, slaughter kill (animals) usually for food consumption; "They slaughtered their only goat to survive the winter"
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A chine is a steep-sided river valley where the river flows through coastal cliffs to the sea. Typically these are soft eroding cliffs such as sandstone or clays. The word chine originates from the Saxon ""Cinan"" meaning a gap or yawn.

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