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economy på svensk

generalsubst. sparsamhet [u], ekonomi [u]
  countrysubst. ekonomi [u]
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1. economy - the system of production and distribution and consumption
  scheme, system an elaborate and systematic plan of action
  sector measuring instrument consisting of two graduated arms hinged at one end
  black economy a hidden sector of the economy where private cash transactions go unreported; "no one knows how large the black economy really is"
  industrialism an economic system built on large industries rather than on agriculture or craftsmanship
  free enterprise, laissez-faire economy, market economy, private enterprise an economy that relies chiefly on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices
  mixed economy an economic system that combines private and state enterprises
  non-market economy an economy that is not a market economy
  state capitalism an economic system that is primarily capitalistic but there is some degree of government ownership of the means of production
  state socialism an economic system in which the government owns most means of production but some degree of private capitalism is allowed
2. economy - an act of economizing; reduction in cost; "it was a small economy to walk to work every day"; "there was a saving of 50 cents"
  action something done (usually as opposed to something said); "there were stories of murders and other unnatural actions"
  downsizing, retrenchment, curtailment the reduction of expenditures in order to become financially stable
  economy of scale the saving in cost of production that is due to mass production
3. economy - frugality in the expenditure of money or resources; "the Scots are famous for their economy"
  frugality, frugalness prudence in avoiding waste
4. economy - the efficient use of resources; "economy of effort"
  efficiency skillfulness in avoiding wasted time and effort; "she did the work with great efficiency"
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