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gratitude på svensk

generalsubst. tacksamhet [u]
  emotional behaviorsubst. tacksamhet [u]
  behaviorsubst. tack [n], tacksamhet [u]
Synonymer for gratitude
subst. feeling
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Definisjoner av gratitude
1. gratitude - a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation; "he was overwhelmed with gratitude for their help"
  ingratitude, ungratefulness a lack of gratitude
  feeling the experiencing of affective and emotional states; "she had a feeling of euphoria"; "he had terrible feelings of guilt"; "I disliked him and the feeling was mutual"
  appreciativeness, gratefulness, thankfulness warm friendly feelings of gratitude
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Gratitude, thankfulness, or appreciation is a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. The experience of gratitude has historically been a focus of several world religions, and has been considered extensively by moral philosophers such as Adam Smith. The systematic study of gratitude within psychology only began around the year 2000, possibly because psychology has traditionally been focused more on understanding distress rather than understanding positive emotions.

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