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not på svensk

generalannet inte
Synonymer for not
adverb non
Avledede ord av not
absolutely not, absolutely nothing, amongst one another, annotate, annotation, annotator, another, authenticate by a notary, bank note, be not surprising, be not typical of, be noticeable, be very noticeable, cannot take it anymore, cenotaph, choose another channel, cling to one another, come to nothing, connotation, connote, dealer in notions, denotation, denote, eighth note, escape someone's notice, footnote, footnotes, for nothing, forget-me-not, give notice, good-for-nothing, half note, have not quite got used to the idea, have nothing to do, have-not, have-nots, hypnotism, hypnotist, hypnotize, if not
if we do not hear anything to the contrary, I'm not surprised that, in another way, keynote, knot, lead to nothing, monotheism, monotheistic, monotone, monotonous, monotony, musical note, not a single, not a thing, not able, not agree with, not allowed, not ambiguous, not any, not applicable, not at all, not be able to come to grips with something, not be able to get a handle on something, not be able to get to grips with something, not be all that bad, not be in demand, not be so bad, not begrudge, not begrudge somebody something, not bright, not buy, not capable, not care a damn, not care a hoot, not clear, not commit oneself, not complicated, not correct, not counting, not cultivated, not difficult, not distinctive, not do, not eligible, not envy, not envy somebody something, not exactly, not expedient, not extinct, not fall for, not far, not feel at ease, not genuine, not get very far with, not give a damn, not give away oneself, not go one's way, not grateful, not guilty, not have, not have good fortune, not have much success with, not have the vaguest idea, not have to work, not human, not in gear, not in good physical condition, not in the least, not including, not inherent, not long ago, not make much of, not many, not meet one's expectations, not mix with, not much, not necessary, not one, not perfect, not perishable, not permanent, not planned, not present, not pronounceable, not pure, not qualified, not quite, not really, not reckon with, not reserved, not salted, not sell, not sensible, not sensibly, not serious, not sexual, not show up, not steady, not straightforward, not strict, not suitable, not tight, not transferable, not true, not until, not used, not used to, not very, not violated, not yield, notability, notable, notably, notarial, notarize, notary, notary public, notation, notch, note, notebook, noted, notepad, notepaper, notes, noteworthy, nothing, nothing at all, nothingness, notice, notice of appeal, notice of objection, notice to the contrary, noticeable, noticeably, notification, notify, notion, notions, notorious, notwithstanding, obituary notice, one another, public notice, quarter note, reef knot, running knot, say I will to one another, sixteenth note, slipknot, snot, snotty, snotty-nosed, speak in a monotone, square knot, sweet nothings, tie the knot, topknot, top-notch, unnoticed, whole note, within the not too distant future, advance notification, advance notifice, advice note, could not, female stenotypist, hypnotic, knotty, last but not least, make a note, northern lights notice, not even, not normal, not ready, not well, not yet, notarization, note down, notetaker, post a notice, promissory note, say nothing, snottiness, sound note, stenotypist, unnoted, unnoticeable, acapnotic, actinotherapy, adenota, adenota vardoni, agrypnotic, albinotic, all-or-nothing, aminotransferase, andre le notre, andre maginot, annotating, avitaminotic, banknote, barrel knot, binary notation, black knot, blood knot, blue note, bowknot, bowline knot, c-note, calidris melanotos, camponotus, cape forget-me-not, carbon nanotube, carnot, carnot's ideal cycle, carnot cycle, carnotite, chemical notation, chinese forget-me-not, conepatus leuconotus, connotational, connotative, connotative of, decimal notation, decreasing monotonic, demand note, denotative, denotatum, denotive, do-nothing, duodecimal notation, family lanthanotidae, family monotropaceae, family notonectidae, family notoryctidae, family pinnotheridae, family rhinotermitidae, federal reserve note, fisherman's knot, fixed-point notation, flat knot, floating-point notation, french knot, garden forget-me-not, genotype, genotypic, genotypical, genus adenota, genus camponotus, genus gerrhonotus, genus lanthanotus, genus leonotis, genus leptinotarsa, genus melanotis, genus monotropa, genus notechis, genus notemigonus, genus nothofagus, genus nothosaurus, genus notomys, genus notonecta, genus notophthalmus, genus notornis, genus notoryctus, genus notropis, genus oenothera, genus pinnotheres, genus poronotus, genus prionotus, genus stenotaphrum, genus stenotomus, genus stenotus, genus stephanotis, genus sternotherus, genus trachinotus, genus zonotrichia, gerrhonotus, gian carlo menotti, gordian knot, government note, grace note, granny knot, hexadecimal notation, hirundo pyrrhonota, huguenot, hypnotherapy, hypnotic trance, hypnotise, hypnotised, hypnotiser, hypnotized, hypnotizer, immunotherapeutic, immunotherapy, increasing monotonic, infix notation, international wanted notice, just-noticeable difference, keep note, keynote address, keynote speech, knotgrass, knothole, knotted, knotted marjoram, knottiness, knotty pine, know-nothing party, know nothing, labanotation, lanthanotidae, lanthanotus, lanthanotus borneensis, last not least, le notre, leonotis, leonotis leonurus, leonotis nepetaefolia, leonotis nepetifolia, leptinotarsa, leptinotarsa decemlineata, linotype, linotype machine, loop knot, love knot, lover's knot, lovers' knot, lukasiewicz notation, maginot, maginot line, malaconotinae, mandibular notch, many another, mathematical notation, matthew walker knot, melanotis, melanotis caerulescens, menotti, menotyphla, mental note, michel de notredame, minotaur, monotheist, monothelitism, monotonic, monotremata, monotreme, monotropa, monotropa hypopithys, monotropa uniflora, monotropaceae, monotype, monotypic, more often than not, municipal note, musical notation, nanotechnology, nanotube, nestor notabilis, nickel note, nicolas leonard sadi carnot, nonmonotonic, not-for-profit, not absolutely, not bad, not by a blame sight, not by a long sight, not delayed, not due, not fluently, not intrusive, not late, not listed, not long, not suitably, not surprised, not to mention, not traded, not very likely, nota bene, notarise, notate, notational system, notched, note of hand, note payable, note receivable, note value, notebook computer, notebook entry, notecase, notechis, notechis scutatus, notemigonus, notemigonus crysoleucas, nothings, nothofagus, nothofagus cuninghamii, nothofagus dombeyi, nothofagus menziesii, nothofagus obliqua, nothofagus procera, nothofagus solanderi, nothofagus truncata, nothosaur, nothosauria, notice board, noticeability, noticeableness, noticed, noticer, notional, notions counter, notochord, notomys, notonecta, notonecta undulata, notonectidae, notophthalmus, notophthalmus viridescens, notoriety, notornis, notornis mantelli, notoryctidae, notoryctus, notoryctus typhlops, notostraca, notropis, notropis atherinoides, notropis cornutus, notturno, octal notation, oenothera, oenothera biennis, oenothera fruticosa, oenothera macrocarpa, one after another, order monotremata, order notostraca, out of nothing, overhand knot, parenthesis-free notation, parthenote, paspalum notatum, passing note, phenothiazine, phenotype, phenotypic, phenotypical, pine knot, pinnotheres, pinnotheres ostreum, pinnotheridae, pinot, pinot blanc, pinot chardonnay, pinot grape, pinot noir, poephila castanotis, polish notation, poronotus, poronotus triacanthus, positional notation, postfix notation, posthypnotic amnesia, posthypnotic suggestion, preconceived notion, prefix notation, prionotus, prionotus carolinus, prolonge knot, pycnotic, pyknotic, red notice, reverse polish notation, rhinotermitidae, rhinotomy, rhinotracheitis, sadi carnot, sedative-hypnotic, sedative-hypnotic drug, sexadecimal notation, sixty-fourth note, snot-nosed, stenotaphrum, stenotaphrum secundatum, stenotic, stenotomus, stenotomus aculeatus, stenotomus chrysops, stenotus, stenotus acaulis, stephanotis, stephanotis floribunda, sternotherus, stopper knot, strike a note, subfamily malaconotinae, suborder menotyphla, suborder nothosauria, suffix notation, superstitious notion, surgeon's knot, sword knot, take note, take notice, thirty-second note, time note, topknotted, topnotch, touch-me-not, trachinotus, trachinotus carolinus, trachinotus falcatus, treasury note, true lover's knot, true lovers' knot, truelove knot, two-note call, uma notata, unknot, unnotched, unnoticeableness, unnoticeably, wanted notice, weaver's knot, whatnot, windsor knot, xenotime, xenotransplant, xenotransplantation, zonotrichia, zonotrichia albicollis, zonotrichia leucophrys, zoonotic, zoonotic disease
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1. not - negation of a word or group of words; "he does not speak French"; "she is not going"; "they are not friends"; "not many"; "not much"; "not at all"
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