Engelsk-Svensk oversettelse av pro

Oversettelse av ordet pro fra engelsk til svensk, med synonymer, antonymer, verbbøying, uttale, anagrammer og eksempler på bruk.

pro på svensk

sports - mansubst. proffs [n (informal)]
  sports - womansubst. proffs [n]
  mansubst. professionell [invariable], proffs [n]
  womansubst. professionell [invariable], proffs [n]
  prepositionannet för, till förmån för
  adverbannet för
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Avledede ord av pro
accident-prone, aircraft propeller, approach, approachability, approachable, approachableness, approaching, approbation, appropriate, appropriateness, approval, approve, approve of, approved, approving, approximate, approximated, approximately, approximation, apron, assert without proof, batch processing, be appropriate for, be beyond reproach, be compromised, be irreproachable, be promised, be the property of, bean sprouts, bombproof, Brussels sprouts, bulletproof, bulletproof jacket, bulletproof vest, burden of proof, by-product, central processing unit, compromise, compromising, counterproductive
criminal proceedings, damp-proof, data processing, demonstrative pronoun, difficult project, disapprobation, disapproval, disapprove, disapprove of, disapprove strongly, disapproving, disproof, disproportion, disproportional, disproportionate, disprove, do something for profit, end product, error-prone, expropriate, expropriation, film projector, fireproof, flameproof, food processor, foolproof, free from problems, get in a provision, give proof of, gross national product, hold up the prospect of, home produce, home-grown products, housing problem, housing project, immovable property, immoveable property, improbability, improbable, impromptu, improper, improper fraction, improper suggestion, improperly, impropriety, improve, improve one's mind, improve the quality of, improved, improvement, improvidence, improvident, improvisation, improvise, improvised, in profile, in progress, in proportion, in proportion to, in the process of formation, inappropriate, indefinite pronoun, indicative pronoun, interrogative pronoun, irreproachable, jet-propelled, lay in a provision, leather apron, legal procedure, legal proceedings, leprosy, leprous, line of approach, make a cautious approach to someone, make progress, male prostitute, margin of profit, marriage proposal, mass production, mass-produce, meat products, microprocessor, misappropriate, mispronounce, mispronunciation, most probably, mothproof, movable property, movie projector, nonproductive, nonprofessional, nonprofit, not pronounceable, official approval, on probation, on production of, opprobrious, opprobrium, organs of reproduction, out of all proportion, out of proportion, ovenproof, overhead projector, overproduction, personal pronoun, personal property, physical property, pin somebody down to a promise, private property, pro rata, pro tem, pro tempore, probability, probable, probably, probate, probation, probation officer, probationer, probe, probe into, probity, problem, problematic, problematical, problematically, problems, proboscis, procedural, procedure, proceed, proceed from, proceed with, proceeding, proceedings, proceeds, process, processing, procession, processional, proclaim, proclaim loudly, proclamation, proclivity, proconsul, procrastinate, procrastinating, procrastination, procreate, procreation, proctor, procurable, procure, prod, prod into, prodigal, prodigality, prodigious, prodigy, produce, produce copiously, produce excellent work, produce income, produce seeds, producer, producing, product, production, production line, productive, productiveness, productivity, profanation, profane, profaning, profanity, profess, profession, professional, professional confidentiality, professional secrecy, professional secret, professionalism, professionally, professor, professorial, professorship, proffer, proficiency, proficient, profile, profit, profit from, profit margin, profit sharing, profitability, profitable, profiteer, profiteering, profitless, profligacy, profligate, profligateness, profound, profoundly, profundities, profundity, profuse, profusely, profusion, progenitor, progenitors, progeny, progesterone, prognosis, prognosticate, prognostication, program, programable, programer, programmable, programmer, progress, progressed, progressing, progression, progressive, progressively, progressiveness, prohibit, prohibited, prohibition, prohibitionist, prohibitive, prohibitory, project, project on, project onto, projectile, projecting, projection, projectionist, projector, prolapse, prolapsed uterus, prolapsus, proletariat, proliferate, proliferation, prolific, prolix, prolixity, prologue, prolong, prolongation, prolonged, promenade, promenade deck, prominence, prominent, promiscuity, promiscuous, promise, promise solemnly, promising, promissory, promontory, promote, promoter, promotion, promotional, prompt, prompter, promptly, promulgate, prone, prone to, proneness, pronominal, pronoun, pronounce, pronounce against, pronounce for, pronounceable, pronounced, pronouncement, pronouncing, pronto, pronunciation, proof, proofread, prop, propaganda, propagandist, propagandize, propagate, propagation, propane, propel, propellant, propellent, propeller, propelling, propelling pencil, propensity, proper, proper fraction, proper name, proper noun, properly, properly speaking, propertied, property, prophecy, prophesying, prophet, prophetess, prophetic, Prophets, prophylactic, prophylaxis, propinquity, propitiatory, propitious, proponent, proportion, proportional, proportional distribution, proportionate, proportioned, proposal, propose, proposition, propound, proprietary, proprietor, proprietorship, proprietress, propriety, propulsion, propulsive, prorogation, prorogue, pros and cons, prosaic, proscenium, proscribe, proscription, prose, prosecute, prosecuting attorney, prosecution, prosecutor, proselyte, proselytism, prosody, prospect, prospective, prospectus, prosper, prospering, prosperity, prosperous, prosperous man, prosperous woman, prostate, prostate gland, prosthesis, prostitute, prostitution, prostrate, prosy, protagonist, protect, protect from, protection, protectionism, protective, protective covering, protective custody, protector, protectorate, protégé, protégée, protein, protest, Protestant, Protestantism, protestation, protester, protocol, proton, protoplasm, prototypal, prototype, prototypic, prototypical, protozoan, protract, protracted, protractor, protrude, protrusion, protuberance, protuberant, proud, prove, prove oneself, prove to be better than expected, prove to be false, prove to be worse than expected, proved, proven, provenance, provender, proverb, proverbial, provide, provide for, provide someone with something, provide with, provide with personnel, provided, provided that, provided with, providence, provident, providential, provider, providing, providing that, province, provincial, provincialism, provision, provision in the articles, provisional, provisionally, provisioning, provisions, proviso, provisory, provocation, provocative, provoke, prow, prowess, prowl, prowl about, prowl around, prowler, proximate, proximity, proxy, public prosecutor, pursuit of profit, put to the proof, quid pro quo, rainproof, rapprochement, real property, reciprocal, reciprocal pronoun, reciprocate, reciprocity, reflexive pronoun, relative pronoun, reproach, reproachable, reproachful, reprobate, reprobation, reproduce, reproduction, reproductive, reproductive organs, reproof, reprovable, reprove, reproving, road where stopping is prohibited, rustproof, seal of approval, self-propelled, self-propelling, semipro, semiprofessional, serial production, shatterproof glass, shockproof, silk-screen process, solemn promise, soundproof, soundproofing, space probe, sprocket, sprocket wheel, sprout, sprouting, storm of protests, strictly prohibited, subprogram, taproot, teleprompter, TelePrompTer, theory of probability, to be proof, turboprop, turboprop engine, unapproachable, unproductive, unproductiveness, unprofessional, unprompted, unpronounceable, unprotected, unproved statement, unprovoked, uproar, uproarious, uproot, waste product, waterproof, weatherproof, well-proportioned, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant, witness for the prosecution, word processor, accidentprone, amour propre, approach to the problem, appropriation, approvingly, apropos, assembly program, associate professor, associate university professor, background process, background program, be prolonged, disproportionateness, domestic product, Gross Domestic Product, non-profit, non-proliferation, process type, proctitis, procurement, procurer, prodding, product family, product guide, profanely, profitably, proletarian, promissory note, promoted, proofreader, proprietary right, proscibe, prospecting, prospector, prosperousness, provost, reciprocation, reciprocative, solving problems, time of probation, tricky problem, unprofitable, unprohibited, unpromising, unpromisingly, unpropitious, 2-methylpropenoic acid, abetalipoproteinemia, academic program, acheson process, acoustic projection, acromial process, adiabatic process, administrative data processing, agent provocateur, agitprop, agrimonia procera, airplane propeller, aleksandr mikjailovich prokhorov, aleksandr prokhorov, alfalfa sprout, algorithmic program, alpha-lipoprotein, alpha fetoprotein, alpha foetoprotein, alveolar process, amphiprostylar, amphiprostyle, amphiprotic, amyloid protein plaque, anaphoric pronoun, anaprox, animal product, anonymous file transfer protocol, anti-virus program, antiproton, antiprotozoal, antiprotozoal drug, apollo program, application program, applications programme, appro, approach path, approach pattern, approach shot, approach trench, approbate, approbative, approbatory, appropriable, appropriated, appropriately, appropriation bill, appropriative, appropriator, approver, approximate range, approximative, apron string, archosargus probatocephalus, arithmetic progression, artistic production, asexual reproduction, assistant professor, audit program, audit programme, automatic data processing, automatic data processing system, background processing, balance-of-payments problem, barium protoxide, basic cognitive process, basso profundo, bastardy proceeding, bean sprout, benday process, benign prostatic hyperplasia, bessemer process, beta-lipoprotein, biological process, blood profile, bodily process, bodily property, body process, book of proverbs, book of the prophet daniel, breach of promise, brussels sprout, bureaucratic procedure, burglarproof, business data processing, byproduct, c-reactive protein, c program, canadian maritime provinces, canadian province, cape of good hope province, cape province, caproic acid, caproidae, capromyidae, capros, capros aper, carbon process, cartesian product, case-fatality proportion, case-to-infection proportion, cataloged procedure, central processor, charles proteus steinmetz, check-out procedure, checking program, chemical process, chemical property, chest protector, child-proof, child prodigy, childproof, chlorpromazine, church property, ciliated protozoan, cine projector, cipro, ciprofloxacin, classroom project, cloze procedure, cognitive process, color property, command processing overhead, command processing overhead time, command prompt, communications protocol, community property, compiling program, compound protein, compromise verdict, compromiser, compulsory process, computer program, computer programing, computer programme, computer programmer, computer programming, conditional probability, condylar process, condyloid process, conformal projection, conic projection, conical projection, conjugated protein, constant of proportionality, contingency procedure, contingent probability, coprolalia, coprolite, coprolith, coprophagia, coprophagy, coronoid process, coronoid process of the mandible, cosmocampus profundus, cotes de provence, counterproposal, crash program, crash programme, creaseproof, criminal prosecution, cross product, cryptoprocta, cryptoprocta ferox, cupronickel, cuprous, cyanide process, cyclopropane, cyproheptadine, cytesis proliferus, dairy product, damp-proof course, dasyprocta, dasyprocta aguti, dasyproctidae, data processor, daypro, decoction process, defence program, defense advanced research projects agency, defense program, degree program, dental procedure, desensitisation procedure, desensitization procedure, diagnostic procedure, diagnostic program, disapproved, disapprovingly, disproportionately, disprover, distributed data processing, division protista, dneprodzerzhinsk, dnipropetrovsk, dot product, double-blind procedure, double-prop, double-propeller plane, dramatic production, dry plate process, due process, due process of law, dutch-processed cocoa, dysprosium, ecclesiastical province, economic process, economics profession, ectoproct, ectoprocta, editor program, educational program, egg-producing, electronic data processing, emergency procedure, endoprocta, english professor, entoproct, entoprocta, environmental protection agency, eprom, equal-area map projection, equal-area projection, equal protection of the laws, equiprobable, erasable programmable read-only memory, erythema nodosum leprosum, euproctis, euproctis chrysorrhoea, euproctis phaeorrhoea, european recovery program, excretory product, executive program, experimental procedure, expropriated, facial profiling, factor of proportionality, family caproidae, family capromyidae, family dasyproctidae, family haemoproteidae, family hemiprocnidae, family procaviidae, family procellariidae, family procyonidae, family proteaceae, family proteidae, federal protective service, female internal reproductive organ, female reproductive system, fenoprofen, fenoprofen calcium, fetoprotein, file transfer protocol, film producer, flagellate protozoan, flagellated protozoan, flurbiprofen, foetoprotein, food product, foreground processing, fortran program, foundry proof, four-pronged, fractional process, front projector, full professor, future progressive, future progressive tense, galley proof, gansu province, gaultheria procumbens, gemini program, genetic profiling, gentiana procera, gentianopsid procera, genus capros, genus cryptoprocta, genus dasyprocta, genus euproctis, genus haemoproteus, genus iridoprocne, genus lampropeltis, genus mastigoproctus, genus proboscidea, genus procavia, genus procellaria, genus prociphilus, genus procnias, genus proconsul, genus procyon, genus progne, genus prosopis, genus prosopium, genus protea, genus proteles, genus proterochampsa, genus proteus, genus protium, genus protoavis, genus protoceratops, genus protohippus, genus saprolegnia, geologic process, geological process, geometric progression, giving protection, glycoprotein, golf pro, goof-proof, goofproof, grade-appropriate, gram's procedure, greaseproof, greaseproof paper, great proletarian cultural revolution, gross profit, gross profit margin, ground-controlled approach, guangdong province, haber-bosch process, haber process, haemoproteid, haemoproteidae, haemoprotein, haemoproteus, harmonic progression, health care provider, health problem, health profession, health professional, heat prostration, hebei province, hemiprocnidae, hemoprotein, heuristic program, high-density lipoprotein, high-protein diet, high profile, higher cognitive process, homework problem, homolosine projection, house-proud, house of prostitution, human genome project, human process, human reproductive cloning, hunan province, hydroxyproline, hyperbetalipoproteinemia, hypericum prolificum, hyperlipoproteinemia, hypertext transfer protocol, hypobetalipoproteinemia, hypolipoproteinemia, hypoproteinemia, hysteron proteron, ibuprofen, ill-proportioned, immunocompromised, improbableness, improbably, improperness, improvable, improver, improvidently, improving, improvised explosive device, improvize, in all probability, inappropriately, inappropriateness, incentive program, industrial process, infant prodigy, information processing, information processing system, inner product, input program, integrated data processing, intellectual property, interpretive program, iodinated protein, iodoprotein, iproclozid, iridoprocne, iridoprocne bicolor, irreproachably, irreproducibility, irreproducible, irreversible process, isobutylphenyl propionic acid, isopropanol, isopropyl alcohol, isoproterenol, jet-propelled plane, jet propulsion, joint probability, judicial proceeding, juniperus procera, kennedia prostrata, ketoacidosis-prone diabetes, ketoprofen, ketosis-prone diabetes, king protea, kingdom prokaryotae, kingdom protoctista, klaproth, ladder-proof, lampropeltis, lampropeltis getulus, lampropeltis triangulum, landing approach, law of constant proportion, law of definite proportions, law of equivalent proportions, law of multiple proportions, law of proximity, law of reciprocal proportions, leakproof, learned profession, legal proceeding, legal profession, lepiota procera, lepromatous leprosy, leprose, leprosy bacillus, library program, lightproof, line of products, linear programming, linguistic process, linguistic profiling, lipoprotein, lisp program, list-processing language, list processing, loan approval, logic programing, logic programming, logical proof, loiseleuria procumbens, low-density lipoprotein, low profile, lumpenproletariat, malaprop, malapropism, malapropos, male internal reproductive organ, male reproductive gland, male reproductive system, malevolent program, manhattan project, map projection, marcel proust, maritime provinces, markoff process, markov process, martin heinrich klaproth, mass-produced, mastigoproctus, mastigoproctus giganteus, mastoid process, mathematical process, mathematical product, mathematical proof, medical procedure, medical profession, medical prognosis, medroxyprogesterone, mental process, meprobamate, mercator's projection, mercator projection, mercury program, metabolic process, metaproterenol, metoprolol, mild silver protein, mineral processing, misappropriated, misappropriation, missouri compromise, mitral valve prolapse, monitor program, monitoring program, montia lamprosperma, multiprocessing, multiprocessor, multiprogramming, naprosyn, naproxen, naproxen sodium, natural language processing, natural language processing application, natural language processor, natural process, nervous prostration, net profit, network programming, news program, nol. pros., nol pros, nolle pros, nolle prosequi, non-profit-making, non pros, non prosequitur, nonfictional prose, nonprofit organization, nonprognosticative, nonprogressive, nonproliferation, nonproliferation center, nonproprietary, nonprotractile, nonreciprocal, nonreciprocating, not-for-profit, nothofagus procera, nuclear propulsion, nucleoprotein, nyctereutes procyonides, object-oriented programing language, object-oriented programming language, object program, occipital protuberance, odontoid process, offering protection, oil production, olecranon process, olfactory property, open-hearth process, operating procedure, order proboscidea, order procellariiformes, order proteales, order protura, order saprolegniales, ore processing, organic process, organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, orthomorphic projection, output program, overproduce, overprotect, overprotection, overprotective, overproud, oxaprozin, pachysandra procumbens, pair production, paper profit, parallel processing, paraprofessional, parliamentary procedure, particular proposition, past progressive, past progressive tense, pathologic process, pathological process, peace process, pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, phenylpropanolamine, phosphoprotein, photogelatin process, phylum ectoprocta, phylum entoprocta, phylum protozoa, physical process, physiological property, pieris protodice, pierre joseph proudhon, pilgrim's progress, pilot program, pilot project, pitprop, plant process, plant product, plasma protein, political program, polyconic projection, polyphonic prose, polypropene, polypropenonitrile, polypropylene, population profile, porcupine provision, post hoc ergo propter hoc, preemployment training program, preliminary prospectus, present progressive, present progressive tense, printing process, priority processing, pro-american, pro-choice, pro-choice faction, pro-inflammatory, pro-life, pro-life faction, pro-lifer, pro bono, pro forma, pro re nata, proaccelerin, proactive, probabilism, probabilistic, probability theorist, probability theory, probable cause, probate court, probate will, probationary, probative, probatory, probenecid, probing, problem-oriented language, problem solver, problem solving, proboscidea, proboscidea arenaria, proboscidea fragrans, proboscidea louisianica, proboscidean, proboscidian, proboscis flower, proboscis monkey, proboscis worm, procaine, procaine hydrochloride, procarbazine, procardia, procaryote, procaryotic, procavia, procavia capensis, procaviidae, procellaria, procellaria aequinoctialis, procellariidae, procellariiform seabird, procellariiformes, process-server, process cheese, process of monition, process printing, processed, processed cheese, processing time, processional march, processor, processus coronoideus, prochlorperazine, prociphilus, prociphilus tessellatus, proclaimed, procnias, proconsular, proconsulate, proconsulship, proconvertin, procrastinator, procreative, procrustean, procrustean bed, procrustean rule, procrustean standard, procrustes, proctalgia, proctocele, proctologist, proctology, proctoplasty, proctorship, proctoscope, proctoscopy, procumbent, procural, procurance, procurator, procuress, procursive epilepsy, procyclidine, procyon, procyon cancrivorus, procyon lotor, procyonid, procyonidae, prodigally, prodroma, prodromal, prodrome, prodromic, producer gas, producer price index, product-moment correlation coefficient, product development, product introduction, product line, product research, production cost, production order, productively, proenzyme, prof, profanatory, profaned, profaneness, professed, professedly, professing, professional association, professional baseball, professional basketball, professional boxing, professional dancer, professional football, professional golf, professional golfer, professional life, professional organisation, professional organization, professional person, professional relation, professional tennis, professional tennis player, professional wrestling, professionalisation, professionalise, professionalization, professionalize, profiling, profit-and-loss statement, profit-making, profit-maximising, profit-maximizing, profit and loss, profit and loss account, profit taker, profitableness, profitlessly, profits, profligately, profoundly deaf, profoundness, profuseness, progeria, progestational, progestin, progestogen, prognathic, prognathism, prognathous, progne, progne subis, prognostic, prognosticative, prognosticator, program library, program line, program music, program trading, programing, programing language, programma, programme, programme music, programmed cell death, programming, programming error, programming language, progress report, progress to, progressive aspect, progressive emphysematous necrosis, progressive party, progressive rock, progressive tax, progressive tense, progressive vaccinia, progressivism, progressivity, progymnosperm, prohibition era, prohibition party, proinflammatory, projected, projection screen, projective device, projective geometry, projective technique, projective test, prokaryote, prokaryotic, prokayotae, prokhorov, prokofiev, prolactin, prolamine, prolate, prolate cycloid, prole, prolegomenon, prolepsis, prolificacy, proline, prolixness, prolog, prologise, prologize, prologuize, prolonge, prolonge knot, prolonged interrogation, prolusion, prolusory, prom, promethazine, prometheus, promethium, prominently, promiscuously, promiscuousness, promised, promised land, promisee, promiser, promisor, promotion system, promotional expense, promotional material, promotive, prompt box, prompt copy, promptbook, prompter's box, prompting, promptitude, promptness, promulgated, promulgation, promulgator, promycelium, pronate, pronation, pronator, prone float, prong, prongbuck, pronged, pronghorn, pronghorn antelope, prongy, pronk, pronominal phrase, pronucleus, pronunciamento, proof spirit, proofed, prop root, prop up, propaedeutic, propaedeutics, propagandise, propagandistic, propagative, propagator, propanal, propanamide, propanediol, propanoic acid, propanol, propanolol, propanone, proparoxytone, propellant explosive, propeller plane, propellor, propenal, propene, propenoate, propenoic acid, propenonitrile, propenyl alcohol, properness, property-owning, property line, property man, property master, property owner, property right, property settlement, property tax, propertyless, prophase, prophesier, prophesy, prophetical, prophylactic device, prophyll, propionaldehyde, propionic acid, propitiate, propitiation, propitiative, propitiously, propitiousness, propjet, propman, proportionable, proportional counter, proportional counter tube, proportional font, proportional representation, proportional sample, proportional sampling, proportionality, proportionally, proportionately, proportionateness, proposal of marriage, proposed, proposer, propositional calculus, propositional logic, propositus, propoxyphene, propoxyphene hydrochloride, propping up, proprietary colony, proprietary drug, proprietorship certificate, proprioception, proprioceptive, proprioceptor, proprionamide, props, propulsion system, propyl, propyl alcohol, propyl group, propyl radical, propylene, propylene glycol, propylthiouracil, prorate, proration, prosaically, prosaicness, prosauropoda, proscenium arch, proscenium wall, prosciuto, proscribed, prose poem, prosecuting officer, proselytise, proselytize, prosencephalon, proserpina, proserpine, prosimian, prosimii, prosiness, prosodic, prosodic system, prosodion, prosom, prosopis, prosopis glandulosa, prosopis juliflora, prosopis juliiflora, prosopis pubescens, prosopium, prosopium cylindraceum, prosopium williamsonii, prosopopoeia, prosper meniere, prospero lambertini, prospicience, prospicient, prostaglandin, prostate cancer, prostate specific antigen, prostatectomy, prostatic, prostatic adenocarcinoma, prostatitis, prostheon, prosthetic, prosthetic device, prosthetics, prosthetist, prosthion, prosthodontia, prosthodontic, prosthodontics, prosthodontist, prostigmin, prostration, prostyle, protactinium, protagonism, protamine, protanopia, protanopic, protea, protea cynaroides, protea family, protea mellifera, proteaceae, proteales, protean, protease, protease inhibitor, protected, protecting, protectionist, protective coloration, protective cover, protective embankment, protective fold, protective garment, protective tariff, protectively, protectiveness, protector of boundaries, protectorship, protege, protegee, proteidae, protein folding, protein molecule, proteinaceous, proteinase, proteinuria, proteles, proteles cristata, proteolysis, proteolytic, proteolytic enzyme, proteome, proteomics, proteosome, proteosome vaccine, proterochampsa, proterozoic, proterozoic aeon, proterozoic eon, protest march, protestant church, protestant deacon, protestant denomination, protestant episcopal church, protestant reformation, protesting, proteus, proteus anguinus, prothalamion, prothalamium, prothorax, prothrombin, prothrombin accelerator, prothrombinase, protirelin, protist, protista, protistan, protium, protium guianense, protium heptaphyllum, proto, proto-indo european, proto-norse, proto-oncogene, protoactinium, protoanthropology, protoarchaeology, protoarcheology, protoavis, protoceratops, protoctist, protoctist family, protoctist genus, protoctist order, protoctista, protogeometric, protoheme, protohemin, protohippus, protohistory, protology, protomammal, proton accelerator, proton magnetic resonance, protoplasmic astrocyte, protoplast, prototheria, prototherian, protozoa, protozoa-like, protozoal, protozoal infection, protozoic, protozoologist, protozoology, protozoon, protractedly, protractible, protractile, protraction, protriptyline, protropin, protruding, protrusible, protrusile, protrusive, protuberate, protura, proturan, proud flesh, proud of, proudhon, proudly, proust, proustian, provability, provable, provably, provencal, provence, provenience, proventil, provera, proverbs, providentially, providently, provincial capital, proving ground, provisional ira, provisional irish republican army, provisionary, provisioner, provitamin, provitamin a, provo, provocateur, provocatively, provoked, provoker, provoking, provokingly, provos, provost court, provost guard, provost marshal, prowl car, prox, proxemics, proxima, proxima centauri, proximal, proximo, proxy fight, proxy war, prozac, prunus cerasus caproniana, pseudoprostyle, psychoanalytic process, pterygoid process, public property, purse-proud, pyrochemical process, quiz program, race problem, racial profiling, radioprotection, reaction-propulsion engine, reaction propulsion, reading program, real-time processing, real gross national product, reciprocal-inhibition therapy, reciprocal cross, reciprocal inhibition, reciprocal ohm, reciprocality, reciprocally, reciprocating, reciprocating engine, reciprocating saw, reciprocatory, regius professor, rehabilitation program, relocatable program, remote-access data processing, representational process, reproacher, reproachfully, reprocess, reproducer, reproducibility, reproducible, reproduction cost, reproductive cell, reproductive cloning, reproductive memory, reproductive organ, reproductive structure, reproductive system, reproval, reproved, reprover, reprovingly, research project, retirement program, reusable program, reversible process, revolutionary proletarian army, revolutionary proletarian initiative nuclei, revolutionary proletarian nucleus, right to due process, rocket-propelled, rocket propellant, rocket propellent, rocket propulsion, royal society of london for improving natural knowledge, runproof, rustproofed, sales promotion, sanson-flamsteed projection, sanvitalia procumbens, saprobe, saprobic, saprolegnia, saprolegnia ferax, saprolegniales, saprolite, sapropel, saprophagous, saprophyte, saprophytic, saprophytic organism, saprozoic, scalar product, scleroprotein, screw propeller, secret approval, seed-producing, self-adapting program, self-improvement, self-produced, self-propelled vehicle, self-protection, self-reproach, self-reproof, semi-processed, semi-prostrate, sergei sergeyevich prokofiev, serial processing, service of process, service program, sexual reproduction, shatterproof, shellproof, silver protein, simple protein, single-propeller plane, single prop, sinusoidal projection, skin problem, slide projector, snapshot program, soaprock, social process, software product, software program, soil profile, solar prominence, solvay process, sort program, sorting program, sound projection, sound property, sound reproduction, source program, space program, spatial property, speech production, splinterproof, spot promote, sprog, sprouted, standard operating procedure, standard procedure, standing operating procedure, stationary stochastic process, statistical procedure, steel production, stochastic process, stolen property, stored-program, stored program, stormproof, styloid process, subclass prototheria, suborder prosauropoda, suborder prosimii, sun protection factor, superfund program, supervisory program, surge protector, surgical procedure, surgical process, sustaining program, system program, systems program, szechwan province, tactile property, tagging program, taproom, target program, tarquin the proud, taste property, tax program, teleprocessing, television program, temporal property, tennis pro, thamnophis proximus, the great compromiser, theater prompter, theatrical producer, theatrical production, thought-provoking, thought process, three-pronged, throat protector, thyroprotein, trace program, trade protection, training program, transferred property, translating program, transmission control protocol, transmission control protocol/internet protocol, transurethral resection of the prostate, transverse process, tranylcypromine, tuberculoid leprosy, turbo-propeller plane, turn a profit, tv program, twin-prop, twin-propeller-plane, two-pronged, ulmus procera, unapproachability, uncompromising, unconscious process, underproduce, underproduction, unimproved, universal product code, universal proposition, unproblematic, unprocessed, unprocurable, unproductively, unprofitability, unprofitableness, unprofitably, unprogressive, unpromised, unprophetic, unpropitiously, unpropitiousness, unprotectedness, unprotective, unprotesting, unprovable, unproved, unproven, unprovided for, unprovocative, unprovoking, unreciprocated, unreproducible, unreproducibly, unreproved, uproariously, uprooter, utility program, valproic acid, variable-pitch propeller, vector product, vena cervicalis profunda, vena dorsalis clitoridis profunda, vena profunda penis, venae dorsales penis profunda, venae profundae clitoridis, vermiform process, very low density lipoprotein, visiting professor, visual property, vocational program, vocational rehabilitation program, water program, water project, waterproofed, waterproofing, windfall profit, with approval, word processing, word processing system, work-study program, work in progress, works program, wrinkleproof, writ of prohibition, xiphoid process, yunnan province, zygomatic process
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Definisjoner av pro
1. pro - an argument in favor of a proposal
  con an argument opposed to a proposal
  argument, statement a variable in a logical or mathematical expression whose value determines the dependent variable; if f(x)=y, x is the independent variable
1. pro - in favor of (an action or proposal etc.); "a pro vote"
  anti not in favor of (an action or proposal etc.)
1. pro - in favor of a proposition, opinion, etc.
  con in opposition to a proposition, opinion, etc.; "much was written pro and con"
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