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you på svensk

generalannet du, ni, dig, er, Eder
  pers. pron. - direct object - pl.annet er
  pers. pron. - direct object - sg.annet dig, er
  pers. pron. - indirect object - pl.annet er
  pers. pron. - indirect object - sg.annet dig, er
  pers. pron. - subject - sg.annet du
  impersonalannet man, en
  pers. pron. - subject - pl.annet ni
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at your convenience, at your leisure, be treated by somebody as though you weren't there, buyout, carryout, do-it-yourself, for your own benefit, for your own good, layout, respectfully yours, thank you, thank you in advance, thank you so much, thank you very much, thanking you in advance, thank-you, tryout, what do you mean, with young, wouldn't you know, you can imagine, you can just imagine, you can't go back on it now, you can't have it both ways, you could hear a pin drop, young, young duck, young people, young swan, younger, youngster, youngsters, your, Your Eminence, Your Royal Highness, Your Serene Highness, you're freely allowed, you're welcome, you're welcome to, yours
yours faithfully, yours sincerely, yourself, yourselves, youth, youth hostel, youthful, youthfulness, youths, fuck you, fuck your self, are you, bless you, do you have, do you want, enjoy your meal, here you are, how are you, i hate you, i like you, i love you, i love you so much, i miss you, love you, miss you, payout, see you, see you later, see you soon, what are you doing, what is your name, what's your name, while you wait, you are, you are welcome, you look very nice, young hen, young lad, young man, Yours sincerely, agrippina the younger, bayou, bloom of youth, brigham young, buyout bid, cy young, cyrus the younger, danton true young, edward young, fountain of youth, go-as-you-please, good for you, have young, holbein the younger, how-do-you-do, in-your-face, in your birthday suit, joyous, joyously, joyousness, lautaro youth movement, lester willis young, leveraged buyout, loretta young, naked as the day you were born, off your guard, on your guard, pay as you earn, pitt the younger, pliny the younger, poyou, pres young, sincerely yours, sir james young simpson, siskiyou lewisia, strategic buyout, strauss the younger, thomas young, up to your neck, whitney moore young jr., whitney young, you-drive, you bet, you said it, young's modulus, young-bearing, young-begetting, young bird, young buck, young carnivore, young fish, young girl, young lady, young mammal, young person, young turk, young woman, youngish, youngness, youngstown, younker, youth-on-age, youth crusade, youth culture, youth gang, youth movement, youth subculture
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You is the second-person personal pronoun in Modern English. Ye was the original nominative form; the oblique/objective form is you, and the possessive is your or yours. Personal pronouns in standard Modern English Singular Plural Subject Object Reflexive Subject Object Reflexive First I me myself we us ourselves Second you you yourself you you yourselves Third Masculine he him himself they them themselves Feminine she her herself Neuter it it itself.

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