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norproduct [n]: versjon [u], variant [u]
story [n]: versjon [u]
language [n]: oversetting [u]
spaproduct [n]: versión [f]
story [n]: versión [f]
language [n]: traducción [f], versión [f]
sweproduct [n]: version [u], variant [u]
story [n]: version [u]
language [n]: översättning [u]
  1. [n]: interpretation [gt]
  2. [n]: variant, variation, edition, type [gt]
  3. [n]: adaptation, writing [gt], written material [gt], piece of writing [gt]
  4. [n]: translation, interlingual rendition, rendering, written record [gt], written account [gt]
  5. [n]: interpretation, reading, representation [gt], mental representation [gt], internal representation [gt]
  6. [n]: turn [gt], turning [gt]
Derived terms:aversion, conversion, conversion rate, diversion, diversionary, diversionary tactic, extraversion, extroversion, introversion, perversion, reversion, inversion, subversion, ambiversion, american revised version, american standard version, animadversion, authorized version, aversion therapy, conversion disorder, conversion factor, conversion hysteria, conversion reaction, countersubversion, cover version, data conversion, diversionary attack, diversionary landing, diversionist, douay-rheims version, douay version, eversion, king james version, matrix inversion, retroversion, reversionary, reversionary annuity, reversioner, reversionist, revised standard version, revised version, rheims-douay version, sexual inversion, sexual perversion
  1. You must request the latest version of the software.
  2. We will replace the current version with the upgrade.
  3. I prefer the updated version of his cookbook.
  4. It is OK to redistribute the unregistered trial version.
  5. Although its Mac OS X, that doesnt mean that the Mac OS code itself has been upgraded to a new version.
  6. On Jul 18th Mark/Space released an updated version of Missing Sync for Windows Mobile for the Mac OS X.
  7. What Microsoft is launching is a beta version of its NetShow streaming server; it supplies video and audio on demand.
  8. The Mozilla Foundation released the latest version of its email/news-client software, Thunderbird on May 1st.
  9. Im very impatient to see the new version of Tatoeba.
  10. In America, people play a different version of Mahjong.
  11. The input method also works with this version.
  12. This dictionary isnt the most recent version.
  13. I just bought the latest version of this MP3 player.
  14. Arent you excited that Anki is almost ready to update to a stable version 1.2?
  15. There was a version of the King James Bible for the original Game Boy.
  16. The modern version, which is now popularly recognized in China as the standard qipao, was first developed in Shanghai after 1900.
  17. The modernized version of the qipao is noted for accentuating the female figure.
  18. If the sentence is in the database, well obtain at once the translated version.
  19. This is the penultimate version of the paper.
  20. Google shows a special colorless version of its logo to countries that have experienced recent tragedy.
Results found in Swedish dictionary
engprodukt [n]: version
history [n]: version
norprodukt [n]: versjon
spaprodukt [n]: versión [f]
history [n]: versión [f]
  1. ganska, kanalje, liksom, genre, ungefär, art, jeppe, cirka, ungefär som, kategori, slag, format, sort
  2. utgåva, serie, edition
  3. upplaga
Derived terms:aversion, diversion, extroversion, introversion, perversion, konversion
Example:Hans version är så otrolig att den kan vara sann.|Jag vill höra din version.|Bara din version.|De är från en mycket äldre version av Matrix-|Det här lilla ärtgeväret är en modifierad version på arméns OICW.|Som en karate version av Miyamoto Musashi!|Allt är en version av något annat.|Ska vi hålla oss till vår officiella version, eller ska vi ändra den.|Min version är att jag anförtrodde dig pengarna, och att du stal dem.|Den version som finns i helvetet har 21 kapitel.
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