So, you call yourself a webmaster? Below you will find information on how to implement links to easytrans and the easytrans dictionary on your website.

Dictionary on your homepage

Easytrans has developed a dictionary that you easily can implement on your own homepage. Those who use the dictionary on your site doesn't need to indicate which words they want to search to or from like on easytrans.org, they only need to type in the word and hit translate, then they will be forwarded to easytrans.org where all results will be shown. The code below is a standard code, and it can if desired be changed so that it fits perfectly to your website..

Use this code to implement a dictionary on you homepage:

Widget preview

Simple link

If you want you can implement a single link to easytrans on your homepage. To do so, copy the code below and paste it where you want the link to appare on your web..: