Information about EasyTrans

EasyTrans is a free online dictionary service started in 2006 by Jon Atle Sandbakken. The idea was born when he studied abroad when various Internet-based tools were frequently used. A lack of a site that had all the key features to learn a language arose and the idea of EasyTrans came to the world. The idea was to make a site with a comprehensive dictionary, verb conjugation, and audio / voice capability, the three most necessary tools you need when you study and learn a new language.

Another important criteria when developing the site was that it should be as simple and functional as possible. The search field is therefore always available, no matter where you are on the site. Moreover, it is not necessary to indicate which language you want to search to or from like in most other online dictionaries. If the word you want to translate exists in several languages, we give you all the results.

Between 2006 and 2015 could translate between English, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. In 2015 it was added five additional languages. Today you can translate between Norwegian, Swedish, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.


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EasyTrans on your SmartPhone

We know that our online free dictionary is very useful at your work-desk or when you are home studying, but sometimes it could be very handy to have it with you when you're on the run. Well guess what, now you can! have been working hard do develop a dictionary for iPhones and smartPhones so you can access and look up words wherever you are in the world. When you enter with your device you will be automatically redirected to a custum build version of our fantastic dictionary and verb conjugator. Test it out today!