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norradio - television - man [n]: hallomann [u], programannonsør [u]
radio - television - woman [n]: hallodame [u], programannonsør [u]
television - man [n]: nyhetsoppleser [u]
television - woman [n]: nyhetsoppleser [u]
sparadio - television - man [n]: locutor [m], anunciador [m]
radio - television - woman [n]: locutora [f], anunciadora [f]
television - man [n]: locutor [m], locutor de telediario [m]
television - woman [n]: locutora [f], locutora de telediario [f]
sweradio - television - man [n]: hallåman [u], programannonsör [u]
radio - television - woman [n]: hallåa [u], programannonsör [u]
television - man [n]: nyhetsuppläsare [u]
television - woman [n]: nyhetsuppläsare [u]
  1. [n]: communicator [gt]
  2. [n]: broadcaster [gt]
Derived terms:radio announcer, sports announcer, television announcer, tv announcer
Wiki:An announcer is a voice actor who works in television, radio or film, usually providing narrations, news updates, station identification, or an introduction of a product in television commercials or a guest on a talk show. Announcers usually read prepared scripts, but in some cases, they have to ad-lib commentary on the air when presenting news, sports, weather, time, and commercials. Occasionally, announcers are also involved in writing the script when one is required.
  1. The radio announcer had a masculine voice.
  2. This new announcer keeps stumbling.
  3. This is the TV station where my uncle works as an announcer.
  4. The mother of that child is an announcer.
  5. The announcer can talk rapidly.
  6. The announcer spoke English.
  7. I want to become a TV announcer in the future.
  8. He suddenly started doing an impression of an announcer and we all cracked up.
  9. His ambition was to break into television as an announcer.
  10. This childs mother is an announcer.
  11. Whos your favorite announcer on CNN?
  12. Whos your favorite sports announcer?
  13. The announcer called for attention.
  14. Her ideal type seems to be someone like the announcer Shinichiro Azumi.
  15. Tom works as an announcer on television.
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