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norman [n]: assistent [u], hjelp [u], høyre hånd [u]
woman [n]: assistent [u], hjelp [u], høyre hånd [u]
spaman [n]: auxiliar [m], ayudante [m], asistente [m]
woman [n]: ayudante [f], asistente [f], auxiliar [f]
sweman [n]: assistent [u], hjälp [u], högra hand [u]
woman [n]: assistent [u], hjälp [u], högra hand [u]
  1. [adj]: adjunct, subordinate [st], low-level [st]
  2. [n]: helper, help, supporter, worker [gt]
Derived terms:advisory assistant, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Secretary of State, maternity assistant, assistant foreman, actor's assistant, assistant professor, chief assistant, dental assistant, legal assistant, medical assistant, personal digital assistant, secretarial assistant, shop assistant, waiter's assistant
Wiki:An assistant is a person (or by extension a device) that helps another person accomplish his goals. Assistants may be provided by one's employer to assist with work-related tasks. The wealthy or those with freelance businesses may hire personal assistants.
  1. Mr White called his assistant over and said the following:
  2. So, the assistant returned $1 to each man.
  3. Talking of Professor Smith, his assistant is hard of hearing.
  4. I work as Mr Eliots assistant.
  5. The assistant took the money.
  6. The assistant kept $2.
  7. After the assistant returned $1 to each one, each man had actually paid only $9.
  8. My sister works as an assistant to a college professor.
  9. The young man whom I employed as my assistant works very hard.
  10. We employed her as an assistant.
  11. I am looking for an assistant.
  12. The chief engineer did research hand in hand with his assistant.
  13. We want an assistant, preferably someone with experience.
  14. The shop assistant went out of his way to find what we needed.
  15. For the time being, my sister is an assistant in a supermarket.
  16. His present assistant is Miss Nokami.
  17. His assistant examined the pile of papers over and over again.
  18. His assistant polished his shoes.
  19. He delegated his authority to his competent assistant.
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