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norgeneral [a]: elektronisk
spageneral [a]: electrónico
swegeneral [a]: elektronisk
  1. [adj]: physics, physical science, natural philosophy [rt]
  2. [adj]: lepton [rt]
Derived terms:electronic communication, electronically, electronics, electronic mail, electronic balance, electronic bulletin board, electronic computer, electronic converter, electronic counter-countermeasures, electronic countermeasures, electronic data processing, electronic database, electronic deception, electronic device, electronic dictionary, electronic equipment, electronic fetal monitor, electronic foetal monitor, electronic image, electronic imitative deception, electronic information service, electronic instrument, electronic jamming, electronic manipulative deception, electronic messaging, electronic network, electronic organ, electronic reconnaissance, electronic scanner, electronic signal, electronic simulative deception, electronic stylus, electronic surveillance, electronic text, electronic transistor, electronic voltmeter, electronic warfare, electronic warfare-support measures, electronics company, electronics industry, electronics intelligence, imitative electronic deception, manipulative electronic deception, microelectronic, microelectronics, simulative electronic deception
  1. In recent years electronic computers have become increasingly important.
  2. The use of electronic computers is growing rapidly.
  3. Clive wants to be an electronic engineer.
  4. At Wimbledon there are now special electronic machines to judge the serves.
  5. Once you get used to electronic media, you can no longer do without them.
  6. Do you have an electronic typewriter?
  7. Japanese cameras, cars, and hi-fi equipment are used widely abroad, and few modern industries can manage without advanced electronic equipment developed in Japan.
  8. The good thing about this electronic dictionary is that its easy to carry.
  9. Theremin: The worlds first electronic musical instrument, made by Russian physicist Lev Sergeivitch Termen in 1920.
  10. The amount of smoke that comes out of an electronic cigarette isnt bad at all.
  11. This singers genre of music is electronic.
  12. All thats required is one injection and some electronic devices.
  13. I bought a new ball point pen with an electronic watch especially for this test.
  14. You can attend courses on library services, electronic resources, retrieval strategies and tips on writing your thesis.
  15. He hasnt started soldering the electronic components on the PCB yet.
  16. He hasnt started soldering the electronic components on the printed circuit board yet.
  17. The Seattle-based outfit plays indie rock and electronic music.
  18. Most of, if not all, electronic and mechanical devices on airplanes are redundant in order to prevent failures.
  19. The first electronic computers went into operation in 1945.
  20. The first electronic computer was produced in our country in 1941.
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