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norposs. determiner - f. pl. [a]: hennes
poss. determiner - f. sg. [a]: hennes
general [o]: hun, henne
pers. pron. - indirect object [o]: henne
pers. pron. - direct object [o]: henne
spaposs. determiner - f. pl. [a]: sus
poss. determiner - f. sg. [a]: su
general [o]: ella
pers. pron. - indirect object [o]: le, a ella
pers. pron. - direct object [o]: la
sweposs. determiner - f. pl. [a]: hennes
poss. determiner - f. sg. [a]: hennes
general [o]: hon, henne
pers. pron. - indirect object [o]: henne
pers. pron. - direct object [o]: henne
Derived terms:accomplisher, adhere, adherence, adherent, adhering, after all others, all together, all-weather, altogether, amongst one another, an expectant mother, another, anther, anti-hero, anywhere, archer, Archer, archery, atmosphere, atmospheric, atmospheric pressure, baby snatcher, bather, be bothered by, be smothered in, be there at the arrival of, be there for someone, be treated by somebody as though you weren't there, bibliographer, biographer, biosphere, bleachers, blithering, blood brother, blusher, bother, bother about, bothersome, breather, bring together, brother, brotherhood, brother-in-law, brotherliness, brotherly, Brothers, but on the other hand, butcher, butcher's, butcher's shop[Show less / more]
Results found in Norwegian dictionary
engsted [o]: here
space [o]: this, this place
spasted [o]: aquí
space [o]: aquí
swested [o]: här
Derived terms:erkehertug, erkehertuginne, attrahere, attrahert, Kjære herr, beherske, beherske seg, behersket, beherskende, blanchere, de her, den her, det her, distrahere, domherre, enevoldshersker, ekstrahere, forherdes, forherdelse, forherdet, forherde, forherlige, forherligende, forherske, forherskende, forhandler av herreekvipasje, forhandler av herreekvipasjeartikler, heretter, her er, her i traktene, her og der, herberge, herd, herde, herdet, herdes, herdbar, herding, heri, herjet, herjet av vind og vær, herjet av, herjing, herkomst, herlig, herme, hermende, herved, hermekråke, herom[Show less / more]
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