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norgeneral [a]: uskattelig
spageneral [a]: inestimable
swegeneral [a]: oskattbar
Synonyms:[adj]: incomputable, immeasurable, incalculable [st]
Example:And so, with the help of my inestimable servants|We bless Thee for our creation preservation and all the blessings of this life but, above all for Thine inestimable love and redemption of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ for the means of grace and for the hope of glory.|And so the inestimable physician was born -|"'the perfume of the cooling earth all fill me with inutterable and inestimable bliss.
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enggeneral [a]: inestimable [formal]
valor [a]: priceless
quality [a]: invaluable
norgeneral [a]: uskattelig
valor [a]: uvurderlig, uskattelig
quality [a]: uvurderlig
swegeneral [a]: oskattbar
valor [a]: ovärderlig, oskattbar
quality [a]: ovärderlig
Example:Su valor es inestimable.|Es un descubrimiento de un valor inestimable.|Hombre inestimable.|Tengo el honor y el exquisito placer de inaugurar solemnemente el Petit Casino en su inestimable presencia.|Tu apoyo ha sido inestimable para mí.|Pensamos que su presencia en esta investigación sería inestimable y aconsejamos su reintegración a la división de homicidios con grado de detective.
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