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norpharmacy [n]: drikk [u]
spapharmacy [n]: poción [f]
swepharmacy [n]: dryck [u]
Synonyms:[n]: beverage [gt], drink [gt], drinkable [gt], potable [gt]
Derived terms:magic potion, love-potion
Wiki:A potion (from Greek poton ""that which one drinks"") is a consumable medicine or poison. In mythology and literature, a potion is usually made by a magician, sorcerer, dragon, fairy or witch and has magical properties. It might be used to heal, bewitch or poison people.
  1. The words poison and potion are cognates.
  2. Princess, dont drink the potion.
  3. She slipped a drop of love potion into his coffee.
  4. She brewed a love potion.
  5. Tom drank the potion.
  6. This potion is made from mandrake roots, as well as other secret ingredients.
  7. They fell madly in love after drinking a love potion.
  8. I want a refund on this love potion. Im sorry, but this item is non-refundable.
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