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norprofoundly [o]: dypt, inderlig, veldig, enormt
spaprofoundly [o]: profundamente, hondamente, intensamente, extremamente
sweprofoundly [o]: djupt, innerligt, väldigt, enormt
  1. [adv]: profoundly
  2. [adv]: deep
  1. You are deeply concerned in this.
  2. The classmates felt for him deeply.
  3. She regretted deeply when she looked back on her life.
  4. A driver is deeply attached to his old car.
  5. I feel for you deeply.
  6. Ill be deeply affected by his death.
  7. All the people felt for the victims deeply.
  8. I deeply appreciate your coming all the way.
  9. The story affected us deeply.
  10. The politician said he was deeply indebted to everyone for their support in the election.
  11. The little girl, deeply moved by the old mans pitiful story, burst into tears.
  12. The young couple were deeply devoted to each other.
  13. I was deeply impressed by the scenery.
  14. The speech deeply affected the audience.
  15. You are certain to be moved deeply by the movie.
  16. Ponder deeply over it.
  17. On hearing himself praised, John was deeply embarrassed.
  18. Jack seems to regret it deeply.
  19. Im deeply grateful for your kindness.
  20. So friendly was his letter that she was deeply moved and began to cry.
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