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norzoology [n]: ape [u]
spazoology [n]: mono [m]
swezoology [n]: apa [u]
  1. [n]: primate [gt]
  2. [n]: imp, scamp, rascal, rapscallion, scalawag, scallywag, child [gt], kid [gt], youngster [gt], minor [gt], shaver [gt], nipper [gt], small fry [gt], tiddler [gt], tike [gt], tyke [gt], fry [gt], nestling [gt]
  3. [v]: tamper, fiddle, manipulate [gt]
  4. [v]: putter, mess around, potter, tinker, monkey around, muck about, muck around, work [gt]
Derived terms:female monkey, monkeyshine, african green monkey, bonnet monkey, brass monkey, colobus monkey, croo monkey, crown monkey, grease monkey, green monkey, green monkey disease, guenon monkey, howler monkey, hussar monkey, lion monkey, monkey-bread tree, monkey-like, monkey-wrench, monkey around, monkey bread, monkey bridge, monkey business, monkey dog, monkey jacket, monkey ladder, monkey nut, monkey pinscher, monkey pod, monkey puzzle, monkey wrench, monkeypod, new world monkey, old world monkey, powder monkey, proboscis monkey, rhesus monkey, spider monkey, squirrel monkey, titi monkey, vervet monkey, woolly monkey
Wiki:A monkey is any cercopithecoid or platyrrhine primate. All primates that are not prosimians or apes are monkeys. The 264 known extant monkey species represent two of the three groupings of simian primates (the third group being the 21 species of apes).
  1. Hey, look, a three-headed monkey!
  2. He was scared when the monkey jumped at him.
  3. It is easy for a monkey to climb a tree.
  4. A monkey is climbing up a tall tree.
  5. The papers found lots of monkey business when they investigated the Recruit scandal.
  6. Pan is a monkey that can spread butter on bread.
  7. She was fat, and holding a monkey.
  8. No sooner had the monkey caught sight of him than it jumped up to his shoulders.
  9. The monkey climbed up a tree.
  10. The monkey took a banana by means of the stick.
  11. Then the monkey went round with a little tin cup.
  12. But when the monkey came back, the tin cup was always empty.
  13. The monkey came down.
  14. Monkey see, monkey do.
  15. A monkey is mature at a few years old.
  16. Its not a pig; its a monkey.
  17. The monkey, trained properly, will be able to do a lot of tricks.
  18. Look at the monkey on that bough.
  19. The child was feeding the monkey with the banana.
  20. We saw the monkey at the zoo.
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