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norargument [a]: omtvistlig, diskutabel, tvistig, tvilaktig
behavior [a]: tvilaktig, diskutabel
spaargument [a]: discutible, disputable, cuestionable, controvertible
behavior [a]: discutible, dudoso, equívoco
sweargument [a]: omtvistlig, diskutabel, tvistig, tvivelaktig
behavior [a]: tvivelaktig, diskutabel
  1. [adj]: alleged [st], so-called [st], supposed [st], apocryphal [st], debatable [st], problematic [st], problematical [st], doubtful [st], dubious [st], dubitable [st], in question [st], equivocal [st], fishy [st], funny [st], shady [st], suspect [st], suspicious [st], impugnable [st], self-styled [st], soi-disant [st], contestable [rt]
  2. [adj]: refutable, confutable, confutative, deniable [st]
antonyms:[adj]: unquestionable
Derived terms:unquestionable, unquestionableness
  1. There are many questionable points in this ledger.
  2. It is questionable whether this data can be relied on.
  3. I think his job resume is questionable.
  4. Ive done questionable things.
  5. She is a tender girl of questionable morals.
  6. Colloquial language is not necessarily a grammatical and stylistic questionable form of expression. There is no doubt a cultivated variety of it which I really find to my liking.
  7. Its questionable.
  8. The behaviour of many people is questionable.
  9. Its a questionable policy.
  10. In all cases, it is questionable.
  11. Tom made some questionable choices.
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