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norill [a]: urdårlig, vissen, elendig
living conditions [a]: hard, tøff
substance [a]: grov
sea [a]: krapp, bølgete, støtende hav
surface [a]: ujevn, gyngende, skjelven
weather [a]: stormfull, voldsom, vindig
voice [a]: , grov
behavior [a]: bjørnaktig, grov, , plump, uvennlig, ubehøvlet, brysk, bardus, snertete, tverr, barsk, strev
sports - golf [n]: ulendt terreng [u]
spaill [a]: fatal [informal], pachucho [informal]
living conditions [a]: difícil, duro
substance [a]: áspero
sea [a]: picado, agitado
surface [a]: áspero, desigual, accidentado, lleno de baches
weather [a]: tempestuoso, tormentoso, ventoso
voice [a]: bronco, áspero
behavior [a]: desagradable, rudo, mal educado, brusco, abrupto, áspero, grueso, basto
sports - golf [n]: hierba alta [f]
sweill [a]: urdålig, vissen, eländig
living conditions [a]: hård, tuff
substance [a]: grov
sea [a]: krabb, vågig, stötig
surface [a]: ojämn, guppig, skakig
weather [a]: stormig, våldsam, blåsig
voice [a]: , grov
behavior [a]: björnaktig, grov, , plump, ovänlig, ohövlig, brysk, burdus, snäsig, tvär, barsk, sträv
sports - golf [n]: oländig mark [u]
  1. [adj]: unsmooth, abrasive [st], scratchy [st], alligatored [st], cracked [st], barky [st], broken [st], rugged [st], bullate [st], bumpy [st], chapped [st], cracked [st], roughened [st], corded [st], twilled [st], costate [st], ribbed [st], cragged [st], craggy [st], hilly [st], mountainous [st], crushed [st], homespun [st], nubby [st], nubbly [st], slubbed [st], tweedy [st], imbricate [st], imbricated [st], lepidote [st], leprose [st], scabrous [st], scaly [st], scurfy [st], squamulose [st], lined [st], seamed [st], pocked [st], pockmarked [st], potholed [st], rocky [st], bouldery [st], bouldered [st], stony (similar term
  2. [adj]: unrefined [st]
  3. [adj]: approximate, approximative, inexact [st]
  4. [adj]: rocky, difficult [st], hard [st]
  5. [adj]: boisterous, fierce, stormy [st]
  6. [adj]: grating, gravel, gravelly, rasping, raspy, scratchy, cacophonous [st], cacophonic [st]
  7. [adj]: pugnacious, aggressive [st]
  8. [adj]: angulate [st], bidentate [st], biserrate [st], ciliate [st], ciliated [st], crenate [st], crenated [st], scalloped [st], crenulate [st], crenulated [st], crispate [st], dentate [st], denticulate [st], emarginate [st], erose [st], jagged [st], jaggy [st], notched [st], toothed [st], fimbriate [st], fringed [st], laciniate [st], lacerate [st], lacerated [st], pectinate [st], rimose [st], runcinate [st], serrate [st], serrated [st], saw-toothed [st], toothed [st], notched [st], serrulate [st], spinose [st], simple [rt], unsubdivided [rt], compound [rt]
  9. [adj]: rocky, bumpy, jolty, jolting, jumpy
  10. [adj]: uncut, unsheared [st]
  11. [adj]: crude, unskilled [st]
  12. [adj]: unpolished [st]
  13. [adj]: harsh, unpleasant [st]
  14. [adj]: harsh, unkind [st]
  15. [n]: site [gt], land site [gt]
  16. [v]: rough in, rough out, prepare [gt]
  17. [adv]: roughly
  18. [adv]: roughly
  1. [adj]: smooth
  2. [adj]: smooth
  3. [adj]: cut
Derived terms:all through, borough, break through, breakthrough, browse through, burst through, buy through an installment plan, carry through, clear through customs, come through, drag through the mud, drive through, drought, edge one's way through, fall through, flick through, force through, get something through to someone, get through, glance through, go through, leaf through, let through, muddle through, no through road, no through street, overwrought, pass through, percolate through, put through, ramble through, riffle through, rough copy, rough diamond, roughage, roughen, roughly, roughly speaking, roughness, rove through, run through, rush through, saw through, search through, see one through, see through, see-through, seize somebody roughly, skim through, skip through[Show less / more]
  1. The sea got rough, so that we had to give up fishing.
  2. We had a rough crossing on an old ferry.
  3. We had a rough time.
  4. My job search is really going rough. I dont have any connections.
  5. Go easy on Bob. You know, hes been going though a rough period recently.
  6. Boxing is not always a rough sport.
  7. Somehow its been a rough day.
  8. Dennis doesnt have rough manners.
  9. So, players were often seriously injured and sometimes even killed in these rough games.
  10. They were made of rough brown leather.
  11. I have a rough idea where it is.
  12. The surface of the object is fairly rough.
  13. The ship encountered rough seas.
  14. The surface of the peculiar object is fairly rough.
  15. The bout turned out rough and neither boxer was going to win hands down.
  16. At a rough estimate, I would say the job will take two weeks.
  17. This is the rough draft of the peace treaty.
  18. This paper is rough.
  19. The rough material hurt the childs tender skin.
  20. Weve been through a rough patch, but I hope it will have made us stronger.
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