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norvehicles [n]: vindusrute [u]
spavehicles [n]: parabrisas [m (invariable)]
swevehicles [n]: vindruta [u]
Synonyms:[n]: windscreen, screen [gt]
Derived terms:windshield wiper
Wiki:The windshield (American terminology) or windscreen (British terminology) of an aircraft, car, bus, motorbike or tram is the front window. Modern windshields are generally made of laminated safety glass, a type of treated glass, which consists of two (typically) curved sheets of glass with a plastic layer laminated between them for safety, and are glued into the window frame. Motorbike windshields are often made of high-impact acrylic plastic.
  1. Should I clean your windshield?
  2. The front windshield of a car was smashed to pieces.
  3. The windshield of my car was broken.
  4. I used my windshield wiper to clean the snow on my window.
  5. The German word Scheibenwischer means windshield wiper.
  6. The salesman claimed the windshield was unbreakable, testing it with a punch that went straight through it.
  7. You should keep your windshield clean.
  8. The cars antenna is built into the windshield.
  9. Tom wrote his name on every dirty car windshield in the parking lot.
  10. Tom was the one who broke the windshield of Marys car.
  11. Tom turned on the windshield wipers.
  12. I cant see anything. The windshield is very dirty.
  13. Someone smashed the windshield of my new car.
  14. There was a bullet hole in the windshield.
  15. I saw Tom through the windshield.
  16. Tom wrote his name on the dust-covered windshield.
  17. On the highway of life, sometimes youll be the bug, other times youll be the windshield.
  18. You need to clean your windshield.
  19. I have to get my windshield wipers replaced.
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