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norgeneral [a]: medviten, oppmerksom, underkyndig
knowledge [a]: medviten, underkyndig
spageneral [a]: consciente, al corriente
knowledge [a]: consciente, informado
swegeneral [a]: medveten, uppmärksam, underkunnig
knowledge [a]: medveten, underkunnig
  1. [adj]: cognizant, cognisant, alert [st], alive [st], awake [st], conscious [st], sensible [st], awake [rt], conscious [rt], sensible [rt], sensitive [rt]
  2. [adj]: mindful, careful [st], heedful [st], evocative [st], redolent [st], remindful [st], reminiscent [st]
  3. [adj]: witting
  1. [adj]: unaware
  2. [adj]: unmindful
  3. [adj]: unwitting
Derived terms:awareness, be aware of, be unaware of, become aware of, catch unawares, unaware, unaware of, unawares, chinaware, Delaware, capital of delaware, delaware bay, delaware memorial bridge, delaware river, delawarean, self-aware, self-awareness, unawareness
  1. If you dont understand something, its because you arent aware of its context.
  2. Are you aware of how much she loves you?
  3. Smokers are as aware as anybody else of the disadvantages of their hobby, but manage to live with that knowledge for two main reasons.
  4. Are you aware that Okinawa is closer to China than to Honshu?
  5. There is one thing which we do every time we read, whether we are aware of it or not; we come in contact with the personality of the writer.
  6. It should be stressed that we are often influenced by advertising without being aware of it.
  7. A problem of whose importance we are fully aware.
  8. More and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of smoking.
  9. Drivers should be aware of the traffic rules.
  10. Already he was aware of it.
  11. Many European people are aware of environmental problems.
  12. The physicist was aware of the potential danger of nuclear fusion.
  13. He was not aware that the praise was a satire in disguise.
  14. The boy isnt aware of his parents efforts to raise him.
  15. Im quite aware of your kindness.
  16. It follows from this that he was aware of the fact.
  17. Are you aware of the fact that you are not spoken well of?
  18. I wasnt aware that you were so ill.
  19. We should have been fully aware of this risk all along.
  20. Therefore it is important for us to be aware of other forms of politeness.
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