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norgeneral [n]: skapende [n], skapelse [u]
character [n]: formende [n], utforming [u]
universe [n]: skapelse [u], verden [u], univers [n]
origination [n]: kreasjon [u], modell [u]
spageneral [n]: creación [f]
character [n]: formación [f], creación [f]
universe [n]: creación [f], universo [m], mundo [m]
origination [n]: creación [f], invento [m]
swegeneral [n]: skapande [n], skapelse [u]
character [n]: formande [n], utformning [u]
universe [n]: skapelse [u], värld [u], universum [n]
origination [n]: kreation [u], modell [u]
  1. [n]: creative activity, activity [gt]
  2. [n]: artifact [gt], artefact [gt]
  3. [n]: conception, beginning [gt]
  4. [n]: initiation, founding, foundation, institution, origination, innovation, introduction, instauration, beginning [gt], start [gt], commencement [gt]
  5. [n]: Creation, beginning [gt], start [gt], commencement [gt]
  6. [n]: universe, existence, world, cosmos, macrocosm, natural object [gt]
Derived terms:procreation, recreation, recreational, recreational vehicle, artistic creation, creation science, creationism, miscreation, nonrecreational, pair creation, re-creation, recreation facility, recreation room, recreational drug, recreational facility, verbal creation
Anagrams:anoretic, reaction
  1. Scientific truth is a creation of the human mind.
  2. Rock and roll was a creation of the young generation.
  3. If I had to define life in a word, it would be: Life is creation.
  4. Language is unique in that any statement must start out as the creation of an individual mind.
  5. Man is the lord of all creation.
  6. Since I recovered from my serious illness, all of creation is beautiful to me.
  7. The word of God is the creation we behold and it is in this word, which no human invention can counterfeit or alter, that God speaketh universally to man.
  8. With the creation of a city area thats more like a town, with plenty of greenery and community buildings, living in the city will soon mean simpler, stress-free lifestyles for the 20,000 that are expected to live, work and play in Edinburghs Waterfront.
  9. Terrorism is the most important factor for the division of a country and the creation of autonomous regions.
  10. If God had consulted me before embarking on the creation of the planets, I would have suggested a simpler system.
  11. The violence by religious and nationalist ideals of a nation against another led to the creation of a new term to describe the cold desire for total extinction of a group of people, based on criteria of color, ethnicity, or religion.
  12. Investors must distinguish between genuine value creation and wishful thinking.
  13. Some claim that taxing the rich inhibits job creation.
  14. I am of the opinion that you would recognize a creator by his creation, and the world appears to me to be put together in such a painful way that I prefer to believe that it was not created by anyone than to think that somebody created this intentionally.
  15. Conceive. That is the word that means both the beginning in imagination and the end in creation.
  16. Words of man may not be perfect, his vision and thoughts may be defective; but his heart must beat at the rhythm of creation to remind the angry earths and skies about the lost taste of serenity.
  17. What is man? Anyway, not what he likes to think he is: the crowning glory of creation.
  18. Nothing gives an artist as much strength as the knowledge that there is at least one person who views his creation with great love.
  19. Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation.
  20. What a fabulous creation can a woman be compared with? With a triple-headed snake. She speaks one thing, thinks another, and does the third.
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