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norspecification [a]: visse, somme
fame [a]: sikker
conviction [a]: sikker, forvisset
fact [a]: ubestridelig, uomtvistelig, udisputabel, uimotsigelig, sikker
reason [a]: bestemt, særskilt
positive [a]: sikker, absolutt, uten tvil
modifier [o]: viss
spaspecification [a]: algunos, ciertos
fame [a]: asegurado, seguro
conviction [a]: cierto, seguro
fact [a]: incuestionable, incontestable, indiscutible, innegable, incontrovertible
reason [a]: cierto, particular
positive [a]: cierto, seguro, positivo
modifier [o]: cierto
swespecification [a]: vissa, somliga
fame [a]: säker
conviction [a]: säker, förvissad
fact [a]: obestridlig, oomtvistlig, odisputabel, oemotsäglig, säker
reason [a]: bestämd, särskild
positive [a]: säker, absolut, utan tvivel
modifier [o]: viss
  1. [adj]: definite [st]
  2. [adj]: sure, convinced [st], positive [st], confident [st]
  3. [adj]: definite [st], indisputable [st], sure [st], sure as shooting [st]
  4. [adj]: sure, bound [st], destined [st], doomed [st], fated [st], foreordained [st], predestinate [st], predestined [st], in for [st], predictable [rt]
  5. [adj]: sealed
  6. [adj]: sure, reliable [st], dependable [st]
  7. [adj]: sure, careful [st]
  1. [adj]: unsure ,uncertain
  2. [adj]: uncertain
  3. [adj]: uncertain
  4. [adj]: unsealed
Derived terms:a certain, ascertain, be certain, be certain about, be uncertain of, certainly, certainty, for certain, make certain, to a certain degree, uncertain, uncertainty, with certainty, ascertainable, ascertained, incertain, moral certainty, unascertainable, uncertainly, uncertainness, uncertainty principle
Anagrams:ceratin, creatin
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