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norfactor [a]: bestemmende, avgjørende
spafactor [a]: determinante, decisivo
swefactor [a]: bestämmande, avgörande
Synonyms:[adj]: crucial, deciding, determinant, determinative, decisive [st]
Derived terms:determining factor
  1. This is an interesting case where there is no principal determining element.
  2. The problem is one of determining the dominant factors in this phenomenon.
  3. The determining factor in question is whether this social welfare plan can facilitate the influx of immigrants.
  4. The cockerels splendid red cockscomb is thought to play a part in determining gender and breed.
  5. The fittest survive. What is meant by the fittest? Not the strongest; not the cleverest— Weakness and stupidity everywhere survive. There is no way of determining fitness except in that a thing does survive. Fitness, then, is only another name for survival. Darwinism: That survivors survive.
  6. We are determining the biological responses to unexpected changes in pressure.
  7. Copyright tip #3: The US copyright law lists factors to be considered in determining whether or not a particular use is fair: 1) Commercial or nonprofit purpose; 2) The amount of work used; 3) The effect of use on the potential market.
  8. The planning committee was charged with collecting and analyzing information and using it as the backdrop for determining those actions that would best help the Association to fulfill its mission.
  9. What was the determining factor in this case?
  10. Blood spatter analysis plays an important role in determining what has happened at a crime scene.
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