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norfactor [a]: bestemmende, avgjørende
answer [a]: avgjørende
action [a]: kraftig, drastisk
behavior [a]: bestemt, besluttsom, fast, urokkelig, standhaftig
critical [a]: kritisk, avgjørende, prøvende
spafactor [a]: determinante, decisivo
answer [a]: decisivo, concluyente
action [a]: decisivo, enérgico
behavior [a]: determinado, resuelto, firme, decidido, decisivo
critical [a]: crítico, crucial, decisivo
swefactor [a]: bestämmande, avgörande
answer [a]: avgörande
action [a]: kraftig, drastisk
behavior [a]: bestämd, beslutsam, fast, orubblig, ståndaktig
critical [a]: kritisk, avgörande, prövande
  1. [adj]: conclusive [st], crucial [st], deciding [st], determinant [st], determinative [st], determining [st], fateful [st], fatal [st], peremptory [st], conclusive [rt], crucial [rt], important [rt]
  2. [adj]: definite [st]
  3. [adj]: unhesitating [st], resolute [st], resolute [rt]
  4. [adj]: critical, crucial [st], important [st]
  1. [adj]: indecisive
  2. [adj]: indecisive
Derived terms:decisive element, decisive factor, decisively, decisiveness, indecisive, undecisive, undecisiveness, indecisively, indecisiveness
  1. Todays game will be a crucial battle; the result will be decisive.
  2. The final vote was decisive.
  3. I took a picture at the decisive moment.
  4. The project was plagued by uncertainties from the very beginning, and the team could not draw any decisive conclusions.
  5. It is decisive for us that we win this game.
  6. The most decisive event of his life was going to happen there.
  7. This is the decisive duel.
  8. Sometimes I ask myself, what a raven, with its decisive final presence, and its mournful persistent color , may have to say to the aged mountains.
  9. Were decisive.
  10. Youre decisive.
  11. Tom is decisive.
  12. Im decisive.
  13. The situation called for quick, decisive action.
  14. Im not decisive enough.
  15. Tom is very decisive, isnt he?
  16. Tom is decisive, isnt he?
  17. Tom isnt decisive.
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