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noroblique [a]: diagonal, snei, skjev
typography [n]: strek på snei [n]
geometry [n]: diagonal [u]
spaoblique [a]: diagonal, oblicuo
typography [n]: vírgula [f], virgulilla [f]
geometry [n]: diagonal [f]
sweoblique [a]: diagonal, sned, skev
typography [n]: snedstreck [n]
geometry [n]: diagonal [u]
  1. [adj]: oblique [st]
  2. [adj]: aslant, aslope, slanted, slanting, sloped, sloping, inclined [st]
  3. [n]: straight line [gt]
  4. [n]: bias, straight line [gt]
  5. [n]: line [gt], line [gt]
  6. [n]: set [gt]
  7. [n]: solidus, slash, virgule, stroke, separatrix, punctuation [gt], punctuation mark [gt]
Derived terms:diagonally, diagonal matrix, diagonalisation, diagonalise, diagonalizable, diagonalization, diagonalize, main diagonal, principal diagonal, secondary diagonal
Wiki:A diagonal is a line joining two nonconsecutive vertices of a polygon or polyhedron. Informally, any sloping line is called diagonal. The word ""diagonal"" derives from the Greek ????????? (diagonios), from dia- (""through"", ""across"") and gonia (""angle"", related to gony ""knee""); it was used by both Strabo and Euclid to refer to a line connecting two vertices of a rhombus or cuboid,, and later adopted into Latin as diagonus (""slanting line"").
  1. Cut the cloth in a diagonal direction.
  2. A diagonal matrix is positive semidefinite if and only if all of its elements are nonnegative.
  3. This line is diagonal.
  4. Just when she said Ooh, what a beautiful star, a star fell across the sky and a blue light quickly fainted in a diagonal trajectory, dragging behind a faint tail.
Results found in Norwegian dictionary
engsned [a]: diagonal, oblique, catty-corner, cater-cornered
geometri [n]: diagonal
spasned [a]: diagonal, oblicuo
geometri [n]: diagonal [f]
swesned [a]: diagonal
Synonyms:fordreid, forvridd, hellende, oblikk, på halv tolv, på siden, på snei, skeiv, skjev, skrå, slak, ulik, usymmetrisk, vindskeiv
Derived terms:diagonalt, diagonalvevet tøy
Wiki:For avenyen i Barcelona, se Avinguda Diagonal. Diagonal er i geometrien et linjestykke som forbinder to ikke nærliggende hjørner, altså som går fra ett hjørne i en mangekant til et annet uten å falle sammen med noen side. Ordet «diagonal» stammer fra det greske ????????? (diagonios, fra dia- («gjennom», «på tvers») og gonia («vinkel» beslektet med gony «kne»).
Results found in Spanish dictionary
engoblicuo [a]: diagonal, oblique, catty-corner, cater-cornered
geometría [n]: diagonal
noroblicuo [a]: diagonal, snei, skjev
geometría [n]: diagonal [u]
sweoblicuo [a]: diagonal, sned, skev
geometría [n]: diagonal [u]
Derived terms:diagonalmente
Wiki:Una diagonal es todo segmento que une dos vértices no consecutivos de un polígono o de un poliedro. En sentido coloquial, una diagonal es una recta o segmento con cierta inclinación, o un conjunto de elementos alineados de esta manera.
  1. En el ajedrez , la torre puede moverse a lo largo y a lo ancho, el alfil se mueve en diagonal y el caballo salta en forma de L.
  2. Yo no lei el documento mas que en diagonal.
  3. Corte la tela en diagonal.
Results found in Swedish dictionary
engsned [a]: diagonal, oblique, catty-corner, cater-cornered
geometri [n]: diagonal
norsned [a]: diagonal
spasned [a]: diagonal, oblicuo
geometri [n]: diagonal [f]
Synonyms:förvriden, på sned, skev, olik
Derived terms:diagonalt
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