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Results found in English Dictionary
norgeneral [n]: avdeling [u]
boundary [n]: skillelinje [u]
country [n]: deling [u], inndeling [u]
action [n]: fordeling [u]
mathematics [n]: divisjon [u], deling [u]
business company [n]: avdeling [u], divisjon [u]
military [n]: divisjon [u]
spageneral [n]: división [f]
boundary [n]: división [f], separación [f]
country [n]: partición [f], división [f]
action [n]: división [f]
mathematics [n]: división [f]
business company [n]: sucursal [f], división [f]
military [n]: división [f]
swegeneral [n]: avdelning [u]
boundary [n]: skiljelinje [u]
country [n]: delning [u], indelning [u]
action [n]: fördelning [u]
mathematics [n]: division [u], delning [u]
business company [n]: avdelning [u], division [u]
military [n]: division [u]
  1. [n]: army unit [gt]
  2. [n]: part, section, concept [gt], conception [gt], construct [gt]
  3. [n]: separation [gt]
  4. [n]: administrative unit [gt], administrative body [gt]
  5. [n]: arithmetic operation [gt]
  6. [n]: variance, discord [gt], dissension [gt]
  7. [n]: class, league [gt], conference [gt]
  8. [n]: biological group [gt]
  9. [n]: phylum [gt]
  10. [n]: air division, air unit [gt]
  11. [n]: naval division, naval unit [gt]
  12. [n]: partition, partitioning, segmentation, sectionalization, sectionalisation, separation [gt]
Derived terms:division into segments, division sign, King's Bench Division, queen's Bench Division, subdivision, administrative division, advertising division, air division, benthic division, cell division, cellular division, cross-division, division anthophyta, division archaebacteria, division bryophyta, division chlorophyta, division chrysophyta, division cyanophyta, division cynodontia, division dicynodontia, division eubacteria, division euglenophyta, division eumycota, division gymnomycota, division gymnospermophyta, division heterokontophyta, division lichenes, division magnoliophyta, division myxomycota, division phaeophyta, division protista, division pteridophyta, division rhodophyta, division schizophyta, division spermatophyta, division tracheophyta, divisional, form division, long division, naval air warfare center weapons division, naval division, phase of cell division, reduction division, sales division, short division, subdivision ascomycota, subdivision ascomycotina, subdivision basidiomycota, subdivision basidiomycotina, subdivision coniferophytina[Show less / more]
  1. The division of Germany was considered an accomplished fact until 1990.
  2. In either case, the division is real and useful; but it can also be misleading.
  3. The division of the property was a bone of contention between the brothers.
  4. I had the pleasure of learning that you recently became the manager of the production division.
  5. Excitement over the new product spread quickly throughout the division.
  6. Whoever the representative is from their division, treat him well.
  7. The division picnic is this Saturday at the park.
  8. Your division was highly praised for fighting well in the midst of a hopeless conflict.
  9. The sexes differ, not only in stature and muscular force, but perhaps even more decisively in temperament, and this must early have given rise to a corresponding division of labour.
  10. Terrorism is the most important factor for the division of a country and the creation of autonomous regions.
  11. There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.
  12. A major had to take command of the division.
  13. There isnt a division in paragraphs.
  14. What division of the company do you work in?
  15. The children havent studied division yet.
  16. The assembly line brings efficiencies through the division of labour, but the supervisor decides from day to day about the assignment of jobs.
  17. This work will only be done well if theres division of labor.
  18. Internal division within the Labor Party was one of the factors which led to its defeat at the recent election.
  19. The house represents a division between two opposite zones of London.
  20. All the top teams of the UK are in the premier division.
Results found in Swedish dictionary
engflygvapen [n]: squadron
mathematics [n]: division
business [n]: branch, division
millitærisk [n]: division, battalion, group of soldiers
norflygvapen [n]: divisjon
spaflygvapen [n]: escuadrilla [f]
mathematics [n]: división [f]
business [n]: sucursal [f], división [f]
millitærisk [n]: división [f], batallón [m]
  1. sektor, filial, enhet, departement, rotel, sektion
  2. uppdelning, brytning
  3. grupp, förband, avdelning, modul
Derived terms:divisionstecken
Wiki:Division betyder ""delning"", ""indelning"", ""avdelning"" och kan syfta på en matematisk operator, se vidare division (matematik) en undergrupp i seriesystem för lagsport, se Division (sport). division (militärt förband) en klassificering inom biologin, se division (biologi) en hiphopgrupp som tillhör kollektivet Wu-Tang Clan, se Wu-Tang Family Groups TV-serien The Division en del i en koncern, se vidare division (företag).
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