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nordifference [a]: betydende, betydelig, anselig, vesentlig, viktig
quantity [a]: vesentlig, anselig
spadifference [a]: considerable, apreciable, notable, importante, digno de consideración
quantity [a]: sustancial, considerable
swedifference [a]: betydande, betydlig, ansenlig, väsentlig, viktig
quantity [a]: väsentlig, ansenlig
Synonyms:[adj]: appreciable [st], goodly [st], goodish [st], hefty [st], respectable [st], sizable [st], sizeable [st], tidy [st], right smart [st], significant [st], substantial [st], large [rt], big [rt]
antonyms:[adj]: inconsiderable
Derived terms:inconsiderable, make considerable strides
  1. The ship was built at considerable expense.
  2. The nuclear ship was built at a considerable expense.
  3. A considerable amount of time and effort have been spent already.
  4. You seem to have made considerable progress since I saw you last.
  5. This movement has not yet achieved all its goals, but it has already had considerable impact in many areas of male-female relations.
  6. A considerable number of students want to go to college.
  7. There is considerable optimism that the economy will improve.
  8. A considerable amount of money was appropriated for the national defense.
  9. The present housing policy is likely to come up against considerable opposition.
  10. Keeping a car is a considerable expense.
  11. After considerable argument, the buyer and the seller finally came to terms.
  12. His debts amount to a considerable sum.
  13. He has a considerable income.
  14. It is estimated that his debts will amount to a considerable sum.
  15. He is a man of considerable means.
  16. He is under considerable stress.
  17. He bequeathed a considerable fortune to his son.
  18. He is a man of considerable influence.
  19. He enjoys considerable standing among his peers.
  20. He gave her a considerable sum of money.
Results found in Spanish dictionary
engdiferencia [a]: considerable, substantial, notable, significant, appreciable, important
tamaño [a]: sizeable, sizable
quantity [a]: substantial, considerable
nordiferencia [a]: betydende, betydelig, anselig, vesentlig, viktig
tamaño [a]: anselig
quantity [a]: vesentlig, anselig
swediferencia [a]: betydande, betydlig, ansenlig, väsentlig, viktig
tamaño [a]: ansenlig
quantity [a]: väsentlig, ansenlig
  1. desmedido, grande, monumental, mayúsculo, extraordinario, desmesurado, ingente, inusitado, gigantesco, colosal, exorbitante, enorme, tremendo, grandioso
  2. numeroso, cuantioso, nutrido, populoso, innumerable, incontable, copioso, profuso, abundante, atestado
Derived terms:considerablemente, intereses considerables
  1. Hablar un idioma implica el aprendizaje de miles de palabras y un número considerable de reglas gramaticales para combinar y modificar las palabras.
  2. Hay un considerable optimismo de que la economía mejorará.
  3. Se estima que sus deudas ascenderán a una considerable suma.
  4. Por la noche cayó una considerable capa de nieve. A la mañana siguiente aparecieron por las calles abuelas con nietos montados en trineos, y al mediodía, después de clase, estallaron en el parque las peleas de bolas de nieve.
  5. Una suma considerable fue asignada a la defensa nacional.
  6. Es una cantidad considerable.
  7. El Medio Oriente proporciona una parte considerable del petróleo que Japón consume.
  8. Se trata de un manuscrito de considerable longitud, cuidadosamente realizado y, evidentemente escrito con manos expertas, así es que es difícil verlo como un divertimento o el resultado del aburrimiento de un autor desconocido.
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