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nordifference [a]: betydende, betydelig, anselig, vesentlig, viktig
change [a]: bemerkelsesverdig, merkverdig
person [a]: bemerkelsesverdig
distinguished [a]: framstående, betydende
behavior [a]: framstående, betydende
man [n]: notabilitet [u]
woman [n]: notabilitet [u]
spadifference [a]: considerable, apreciable, notable, importante, digno de consideración
change [a]: notable, remarcable, admirable
person [a]: notable
distinguished [a]: notable, distinguido
behavior [a]: distinguido, notable
man [n]: notable [m]
woman [n]: notable [f]
swedifference [a]: betydande, betydlig, ansenlig, väsentlig, viktig
change [a]: anmärkningsvärd, märkvärdig
person [a]: anmärkningsvärd
distinguished [a]: framstående, betydande
behavior [a]: framstående, betydande
man [n]: notabilitet [u]
woman [n]: notabilitet [u]
  1. [adj]: noteworthy, worthy [st]
  2. [adj]: celebrated, famed, far-famed, famous, illustrious, noted, renowned, known [st]
  3. [n]: luminary, leading light, guiding light, notability, celebrity [gt], famous person [gt]
  1. Chemistry has made notable progress in recent years.
  2. The area is notable for its scenery and wildlife.
  3. Our century has seen a notable increase of knowledge.
  4. Imogen of the Internet is not yet notable on Wikipedia, but it is one of the many things she aspires to.
  5. Statues of Buddha are notable works of Japanese art.
  6. The deluge was a notable first experiment in baptism which washed away the sins of the world.
Results found in Spanish dictionary
engejemplo [a]: striking, remarkable
diferencia [a]: considerable, substantial, notable, significant, appreciable, important, striking, impressive, remarkable, observable, visible
cambio [a]: notable, remarkable, striking
importancia [a]: noteworthy, observable
person [a]: notable, outstanding, noted, well-known
distinguido [a]: notable, distinguished, prominent
behavior [a]: distinguished, notable
brillante [a]: brilliant, remarkable
extraordinario [a]: remarkable, extraordinary
llamativo [a]: conspicuous, noticeable, obvious, remarkable
man [n]: notable
woman [n]: notable
norejemplo [a]: slående, påfallende, frapperende, markant
diferencia [a]: betydende, betydelig, anselig, vesentlig, viktig, slående, påfallende, frapperende, merkbar, synlig
cambio [a]: bemerkelsesverdig, merkverdig
importancia [a]: bemerkelsesverdig, beaktelsesverdig, viktig
person [a]: bemerkelsesverdig, bekjent, kjent
distinguido [a]: framstående, betydende
behavior [a]: framstående, betydende
brillante [a]: briljant, bemerkelsesverdig
extraordinario [a]: bemerkelsesverdig, utenordentlig
llamativo [a]: iøynefallende, tydelig, synlig
man [n]: notabilitet [u]
woman [n]: notabilitet [u]
sweejemplo [a]: slående, påfallande, frapperande, markant
diferencia [a]: betydande, betydlig, ansenlig, väsentlig, viktig, slående, påfallande, frapperande, märkbar, synlig
cambio [a]: anmärkningsvärd, märkvärdig
importancia [a]: anmärkningsvärd, beaktansvärd, viktig
person [a]: anmärkningsvärd, bekant, känd
distinguido [a]: framstående, betydande
behavior [a]: framstående, betydande
brillante [a]: briljant, anmärkningsvärd
extraordinario [a]: anmärkningsvärd, utomordentlig
llamativo [a]: iögonfallande, tydlig, synlig
man [n]: notabilitet [u]
woman [n]: notabilitet [u]
  1. esclarecido, distinguido, ilustre, destacado, eminente, insigne, preclaro, afamado, presticioso
  2. gordo, destacado, importante, trascendente, trascendental, sonado
  3. memorable, renombrado, célebre, inolvidable
  4. extraordinario, importante, sobresaliente, trascendental, trascendente
Derived terms:notablemente, sin acontecimientos notables
  1. Es notable que él no haya dicho nada al respecto.
  2. La producción se ha incrementado de forma notable.
  3. Es notable el control cada vez más eficaz de las enfermedades de transmisión sexual.
  4. Ichiro es un notable jugador de béisbol.
  5. En este artículo, ellos hicieron la notable predicción de que la radiación de los sitios muy calientes del universo aún hoy deberían andar por algún lado.
  6. Hay una hostilidad notable entre ellos.
  7. Él tiene una memoria notable.
  8. Mi hermana ha hecho un progreso notable en inglés.
  9. Pese a ser joven, es un médico notable.
  10. En los últimos años, la ciencia a hecho un notable progreso.
  11. La casa no era especialmente notable.
  12. Él está orgulloso de que su padre fuera un notable científico.
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