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nornonsense [a]: rein, pur, fullkommelig
knitting [a]: rett
explanation [a]: enkel, ikke inviklet
beverages [a]: rein
alcoholic beverages [a]: rein, uutspedd
food [a]: uten noe
color [a]: ensfarget
clothing [a]: enkel, usmykket
behavior [a]: åpen, uforbeholdsom, rett fram, frank
evident [a]: tydelig, åpenbar, synbar, påtagelig, selvsagt
area [n]: slette [u]
degree [o]: fullstendig, fullkommen
spanonsense [a]: puro, completo, total, absoluto, flagrante, perfecto
knitting [a]: del derecho
explanation [a]: sencillo, simple
beverages [a]: puro
alcoholic beverages [a]: puro
food [a]: simple, sencillo
color [a]: liso
clothing [a]: simple
behavior [a]: explícito, directo, abierto, franco, sincero
evident [a]: evidente, claro, manifiesto, obvio
area [n]: llanura [f], llano [m]
degree [o]: totalmente, completamente
swenonsense [a]: ren, pur, fullkomlig
knitting [a]: rät
explanation [a]: enkel, inte invecklad
beverages [a]: ren
alcoholic beverages [a]: ren, outspädd
food [a]: utan något
color [a]: enfärgad
clothing [a]: enkel, osmyckad
behavior [a]: öppen, oförbehållsam, rättfram, frank
evident [a]: tydlig, uppenbar, synbar, påtaglig, självklar
area [n]: slätt [u]
degree [o]: fullständigt, fullkomligt
  1. [adj]: apparent, evident, manifest, patent, unmistakable, obvious [st]
  2. [adj]: austere [st], severe [st], stark [st], stern [st], bare [st], mere [st], simple [st], chaste [st], dry [st], dry [st], featureless [st], homely [st], inelaborate [st], unelaborate [st], literal [st], simple [st], tailored [st], trim [st], vanilla [st], simple [rt], unadorned [rt], undecorated [rt], unrhetorical [rt], unpretentious [rt]
  3. [adj]: unpatterned, solid-colored [st], solid-coloured [st]
  4. [adj]: sheer, unmingled, unmixed, pure [st]
  5. [adj]: unvarnished, direct [st]
  6. [adj]: bare, spare, unembellished, unornamented, unadorned [st], undecorated [st]
  7. [adj]: homely, unattractive [st]
  8. [n]: field, champaign, land [gt], dry land [gt], earth [gt], ground [gt], solid ground [gt], terra firma [gt]
  9. [n]: knit, knit stitch, plain stitch, knitting stitch [gt]
  10. [v]: complain, kick, sound off, quetch, kvetch
  11. [adv]: obviously, evidently, manifestly, patently, apparently, plainly
  1. [adj]: fancy
  2. [adj]: patterned
  3. [v]: cheer
Derived terms:be plain with, be plain with someone, chaplain, chaplaincy, complain, complain about, complain to, complainant, complaining, complaint, co-plaintiff, explain, explain in great detail, explain satisfactorily, explain the ins and outs of, explainable, lowland plain, make a complaint about, make a complaint to, plain chocolate, plain side, plainly, plainness, plains, plainspoken, plaint, plaintiff, plaintive, the plain unvarnished truth, bleak plain, in plain clothes, unexplainable, unexplained, champlain, chaplainship, coastal plain, complainer, complainingly, complaintive, flood plain, floodplain, great plains, great plains of north america, great plains paintbrush, hospital chaplain, lake champlain, military chaplain, nullarbor plain, peneplain, plain-woven, [Show less / more]
Wiki:A plain is land with relatively low relief, that is flat or gently rolling. Prairies and steppes are types of plains, and the archetype for a plain is often thought of as a grassland, but plains in their natural state may also be covered in shrublands, woodland and forest, or vegetation may be absent in the case of sandy or stony plains in hot deserts. Types of flatlands for which the term is not generally used include those covered entirely and permanently by swamps, marshes, playas, or ice sheets.
  1. Your opinion is off the mark. Thats plain to anyone.
  2. Its quite plain that you havent been paying attention.
  3. It is plain that you have done this before.
  4. It is plain that you are to blame.
  5. Could you say that in plain English?
  6. Written in plain English, the book can be read even by you.
  7. Now there is nothing but desert, where there used to be a fertile plain.
  8. Explain it in plain terms, please.
  9. Could you put it in plain language?
  10. Me? Im a plain old salaryman.
  11. Will you explain it in plain English?
  12. The mountain rises above the plain.
  13. The view was splendid over the plain, and in the distance was Asuka.
  14. The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.
  15. Its in plain sight.
  16. Written in plain style, as it is, his paper is easy to read.
  17. Written as it is in plain English, the book is useful for beginners.
  18. Written as it is plain English, this book is useful for beginners.
  19. Written as it is in plain English, the book is suitable for beginners.
  20. Former pop stars are just plain old women by the time theyre 40.
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